Kids Products You Won’t Believe Are Real (& Highly Rated!)

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These weird kids products might actually be genius

There’s always some new product for babies and kids out there. The “next big thing” is just around the corner, and with kids growing and changing fast, it makes sense that products have to keep up. Sure, when we were growing up, we were gnawing on wooden blocks and throwing glass bottles with latex nipples across the room and we came out okay. Right? Or at least, made it to adulthood. That doesn’t mean the “new and improved” weird kids products aren’t, well, improved.

But we’ve gotta say it. There’s also some weird stuff cropping up. The “are you serious” products that we can’t quite believe are real. They’re good for a laugh, but what if they’re actually brilliantWhat if these strange products work like a charm? Well, we did a little research and, lo and behold, there are a lot of them that do. Based on Amazon reviews, this stuff seriously can’t be missed and might ultimately become must-haves. So, between making your life as a mom easier, saving you some time and money, and giving you the chance to tell all your friends that you found the Holy Grail of parenting, we think this list is going to blow your mind. But in a good way. These are the weird kids products that might actually be brilliant!

Dingle Dangle Headband Baby Change Helper

Dingle Dangle Baby

If diaper changing is miserable for you and your babe, have you considered strapping an octopus to your head? 

Real Review: Bonkers but brilliant. My partner walked in wondering what on earth I was wearing on my head. And then he saw how much my son was smiling! -Suzy Harvey

Dingle Dangle Headband Baby Change Helper ($40.00)—Buy Here!

Munchkin Brica GoBoost Travel Booster Seat


A pop-up booster seat with storage for diapers and supplies that also folds down and comes with a carrying strap. Okay, yes, that's pretty smart.

Amazon Review: Works great for random places that don't have a good baby seat available, or for when your little one is just a bit too little for the standard restraining seats restaurants tend to have. Just pull over any chair, or park 'em in the booth corner next to you. Quick to deploy or pack up. The storage is also nice to have a few distraction toys at the ready. -Michael T. Gillespie

Aussie Bubs Goat Milk Infant & Toddler Formulas

Aussie Bubs

Aussie Bubs is the#1 goat milk formula in the U.S. Goat milk naturally supports gentle digestion and may be a good alternative for formula-fed babies with sensitive tummies. Aussie Bubs uses all the good stuff your little one needs for to grow and feel their best, without anything yucky. In fact, Aussie Bubs Goat Milk Formula (Infant & Toddler Formulas) contains no GMO, corn syrup, maltodextrin, growth hormones, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, pesticides, colors or preservatives. Clean Label certified.

Real Review: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the goat milk formula. My son (6mo next week) has been on it for ONE DAY and he is a brand new baby. After being on specialty formula for suspected CMPI, we ran out and couldn’t find any more. Our pediatrician gave us the go ahead to try your formula and wow. He has energy, he is laughing, he slept all night for the first time in his life last night and was able to lengthen his wake windows this morning. This has changed the game for my family. We are in the Atlanta area! -Chelsea

The Noggle

This car vent extender works to keep the backseat comfortable by routing A/C and heat to rear riders, including pets! It comes in 6ft, 8ft, and 10ft, options.

Amazon Review: We bought this for our 1 year old. We live in Fl so the summers are pretty brutal plus he is still rear facing and 2 of our vehicles didn’t have rear AC. I do think the vent attachment design could be better / maybe have some type of foam or seal on it. But all in all I’m happy that he’s finally able to get some air back there. Would recommend! -johnathan wireman

The Noggle ($59.99+)—Buy Here!

Dwink Universal Drink Box Holder


This little beauty prevents tiny hands from squeezing too hard on juice boxes and fits even the most unique box shapes!

Amazon Review: I love how universal it is with various juice pouches/boxes. -Heather Reader

Dwink Universal Drink Box Holder ($13.95)—Buy Here!

Finger Pinch Guard Door Stops

Pop these on the doorjamb and prevent doors closing all the way on little fingers.

Amazon Review: Most will use these to quietly leave the room when the baby falls asleep and not let the door make noise, but let me tell you after they learn to walk and become toddlers. These are perfect for when the kiddo learns to slam doors. They will save your frames!! -Stephanie Smith

Finger Pinch Guard Door Stops ($7.99)—Buy Here!

Emergency Foldable Disposable Potty


To be completely fair, when kiddos have to go, they have to go.

Amazon Review: So helpful to have around. Perfect for in the go potty emergencies! So easy to pop open and use. Sturdy! -Amazon Customer

Waterproof Diaper Pants


These overnight diaper pants are waterproof and absorbent, plus they can be washed and reused. Maybe they're not as weird as they seem?

Amazon Review: Get it. Just get it! My 6yo has issues with night training. I’ve never seen someones [sic] pee go through waterproof mattress pads! I have tried several! She is highly allergic to pullups so I was running out of options and sanity. The FIRST night she put these on she woke me up at 1am (which she never wakes up from an accident so it definitely helps make them aware) and said “Mommy I did it again”. Of course I panicked & has asleep went looking for the spot on the bed because these pants were FILLED! Not one spot on the bed. The pants absorbed it all! We changed her clothes and went back to bed! THANK YOU!!!! -4ShotsofCatron

Waterproof Diaper Pants ($29.99)—Buy Here!

Easy Pouch Self Feeding Pouch Holder

No squeeze, no mess, self-feeding pouch holder 2 pack for babies 7 months+. Okay, we're sold.

Amazon Review: Does exactly what it needs to. First thing my toddler did every time she received a pouch? Got excited and squeeze some out. On her. On the couch. On the floor...This solves that problem. -Ryan

Easy Pouch Self Feeding Pouch Holder ($9.99)—Buy Here!

Frost Kids Toothpaste

There's a chance we want to try both of these, ourselves. And really anything that gets them to brush is on the "Definitely" list. The Birthday Cake version is fluoride-free and the Watermelon Slushie is a traditional fluoride version!

Product Review: Teeth are whiter and feel so clean! My daughter said that in addition to the great taste, she loves how clean her teeth feel. After a couple of days of her using it, I noticed when she was talking to me that her teeth looked noticeably whiter. Now I want to try it, too. -Cynthia G.

Frost Kids Toothpaste Birthday Cake ($9.95)—Buy Here!

Frost Kids Toothpaste Watermelon Slushie ($9.95)—Buy Here!

KneeGuard Kids Car Seat Footrest


If increasing our kids' comfort makes car rides more pleasant, then we're in! This footrest has been crash- and safety-tested, too.

Amazon Review: I found this incredibly easy to put together, easy to install, & easy to adjust. There's actually a point near the top of the stand that you either install above or below, based on child's height. When I installed in the car, I had it above the point when I should've had it below. It was so easy to take apart & fix I didn't even have to fully uninstall it to do. -April | Project Downsize

KneeGuard Kids Car Seat Footrest ($49.75)—Buy Here!

Lugabug Travel Seat Ride-On Suitcase for Kids

This fully collapsible travel seat is fully collapsible and attaches to most roller bags!

Amazon Review: Was very useful while carrying a 2 year old through airports. Takes a bit trial and error to get the fit right on your bag but once you figure it out its very easy to use. -Roy

Lugabug Travel Seat Ride-On Suitcase for Kids ($47.50)—Buy Here!

Hot Mom Baby Stroller

If you're into your #aesthetic, the Hot Mom Store has your back! Their products are all about form and function—look at the rose gold hardware.

Amazon Review: The stroller was easy to assemble. We also loved the color and the sturdiness of the stroller! I highly recommend this stroller if your looking for something stylish and cute! 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -Dianna Knight Graham

Hot Mom Baby Stroller ($539.00)—Buy Here!

Go With Me Duo Deluxe Portable Chair


Outdoorsy families rejoice! 

Amazon Review: Definitely a nice chair for the little one can use it in the house out side [sic] camping and it doesn't take up tons of space very sturdy tons of straps to help with younger kids that are learning to hold themselves up. -Andrew

Go With Me Duo Deluxe Portable Chair ($99.99)—Buy Here!

WONDERFOLD W4 Original Quad Stroller Wagon


We'll admit it. We'd love to ride around in this 4-kiddo canopied wagon. 

Amazon Review: I am a mommy of 3, 3 and under, and use this wagon whenever I have the chance! My family and I bought it to replace our hard-to-use double stroller and it has become a holy grail. One of my biggest concerns was the ease of use, but unfolding and folding couldn’t be simpler. I was also worried about it taking up too much space in our trunk (we drive a 2022 Highlander for reference) but it leaves a great amount of room for groceries and luggage when you lay it flat with the handle up! I am IN LOVE and cannot wait to use it for years to come! -A.Donaldson

WONDERFOLD W4 Original Quad Stroller Wagon ($595.00)—Buy Here!

Long Sleeve Baby Bibs

...okay why didn't we think of this??

Amazon Review: These long-sleeved waterproof bibs are perfect for my 2 yr. old and 11 mo. old grandchildren. It keeps their clothes clean and is so easy to wipe clean. I also love the pocket in the front to keep food from falling on the floor and their seat. I highly recommend! -Amazon Customer

Long Sleeve Baby Bibs ($9.94)—Buy Here!

Foam Bed Bumpers

You can skip the separate toddler bed and go straight to the big kid bed with these genius under-the-sheet foam bumpers!

Amazon Review: We bought this for our 4 year old who is now sleeping on a full size bed. He moves quite a bit, but the bumper helps him stay in the bed. They come in a small box, but inflated pretty much immediately after getting them out of the packaging. He will sometimes place his head on the bumper, hug it or put a leg over it. It does the job. He has not fallen out of bed once. These were the tallest bumpers of this kind I could find. I am pretty happy with the purchase. -Ester

Foam Bed Bumpers ($52.92)—Buy Now!

Plush Banana Man Doll



Amazon Review: I don't know this "Banana man" thing is, but my mom found it one day scrolling and told me how amazing he was and couldn't stop laughing. So I bought it, put it in a gift bag under the tree and Christmas morning all you hear is mom say my name, we all laugh as she launches him out the bag laughing hysterically hard screaming "Banana mannnnnn!" I give it 20/10 just for that. -wittymelon455

Plush Banana Man Doll ($15.98)—Buy Here!

Taco Tuesday Baby Toys


They're adorable, but they really are a lot of fun and include rattles and crinkle sensory play options!

Amazon Review: Adorable taco set my baby loved it . The avocado is a bit hard but has a ball with beads in it so it’s entertaining for my baby. Limes perfect for teething. -lilli

Taco Tuesday Baby Toys ($13.98)—Buy Here!

Smiley Mia Penguin Buddy Never Drop Silicone Baby Teething Toy


We love how these teethers are easy to grip, even for the teeniest hands!

Amazon Review: I'm on my third baby, and have multiple friends with multiple babies so I can confidently say I've used, seen and bought many baby teethers. This it the only one that doesn't get dropped constantly. My 4 month old loves to hold it even if she's not chewing on it. And when she starts fussing, I give it to her, she chews, and immediately calms down. I do have to help her open her fingers around the bar to grasp it, and I also helped her figure out how to chew on it in the beginning, because she kept stabbing herself in the eye.. But she caught on pretty quick and she loves it. We took it to a Dr. check up and the nurse commented on how cool it was and the design of it. I would buy again, and as a gift for other babies. -Amazon Customer

Smiley Mia Penguin Buddy Never Drop Silicone Baby Teething Toy ($9.99)—Buy Here!

Potty Training Urinal


If you're struggling with potty training, this might be a good option.

Amazon Review: I don't usually write reviews but my almost 3-year-old has been slow to potty train. He hasn't been wanting to sit and pee on the potty. Decided to finally give one of these a try after looking at them on and off for almost a year. First day he peed in it 3 times. Definitely worth it. Easy to clean, it is small but it's for toddlers so I don't personally think it's too small. -Christina 

Potty Training Urinal ($14.99)—Buy Here!



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