LEGO lovers know that the sky’s the limit when it comes to building—you can bring any idea to life with those bricks. We’ve rounded up some seriously cool LEGO creations that will have your jaw on the floor, from feats of architecture like the US Capitol to artistic pieces that belong in a museum. Just read on to see what all the fuss is about.

US Capitol

LEGOLAND California

At LEGOLAND California, you’ll find lots of jaw-dropping creations made by master builders. This replica of the US Capitol in Washington D.C. is one of our favorites, complete with a marching band and tourists milling around in front of the building.

Santa Claus

LEGOLAND California

Another gem from LEGOLAND California, you can get up close and personal with Santa and his reindeer during the holiday season. There’s enough room in the sleigh for a memorable photo op.

Brick Builder Waterfall


This eye-popping creation can be found at the newly opened LEGO House in Billund, Denmark. The waterfall crashes down into a play area that’s filled with LEGO bricks for visitors to build with. Ahem, excuse us while we book our flights to Denmark.



In LEGO House’s Masterpiece Gallery, you’ll find amazing creations like this one by expert builders. This ferocious dino is just one piece from the gallery’s rotating collection.

Tree of Creativity


The Tree of Creativity is the centerpiece of LEGO House, and for a good reason—it’s 50 feet tall and packed with intricate details and fun surprises. Made from more than six million LEGO bricks, this piece is wow-worthy from every angle.

Michelangelo's David

Leon via flickr

Who said you can’t make real art with LEGO bricks? This recreation of Michelangelo’s David sculpture, from the Art of the Brick exhibition in London, is a masterpiece in its own right.

Cherry Pie

Bill Ward via flickr

How funny is this little LEGO cherry pie? Bill Ward created it in celebration of Pi Day, and it (almost) looks good enough to eat.

Giant Wasp

Scott McLeod via flickr

Spotted at Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa, this giant wasp is seriously impressive (and a little intimidating). At least no one needs to worry about being stung!

Kids on a Bench

acklee via flickr

This cool sculpture was created for the opening of a new LEGO Store in Edmonton, Canada. We love how it captures the movement of two siblings—spilled ice cream and all.

Lush Jungle

Ian Roberts via flickr

This intricate jungle landscape was on display at BrickCon 2014. With a wooden bridge, hidden pools and a rickety tree house, this creation holds enough details to tell an entire story.

Ironman Hulkbuster vs. Hulk

Heather Paul via flickr

This one's for all the little Avengers fanatics! At Comic-Con 2015, folks got to see an amazing LEGO recreation of the big fight between the Hulk and Ironman’s Hulkbuster armor. It took Master Builders 575 hours to design and build the Hulkbuster, using 78,083 bricks, with another 200 hours and 22,560 bricks to create Mr. “Smash” himself.


Simon Q via flickr

The Art of the Brick LEGO exhibition is a can’t miss for LEGO-lovers, and this particular sculpture is ob-la-di ob-la-da amazing. When the exhibition arrived in the UK, visitors were treated to a special section dedicated to British culture—including a life-size model of the Fab Four, crafted by Nathan Sawaya.

Mount Rushmore

Rob Young via flickr

We’d like to think the founding fathers would be fully on board with this tribute. If you ever decide to take your LEGO touring to international levels, don’t miss out on the UK’s LEGOLAND Windsor, where an American monument gets the full building block treatment. It’s the largest model in the park, with a whopping 1.5 million LEGO bricks.

X-Wing Starfighter

Pascal via flickr

Raise your lightsaber if you’re a wannabe Jedi! Star Wars fans and Wookiees alike will be amazed by this out-of-this-world, full-scale X-Wing Fighter, the largest LEGO model in history. At 11 feet tall with a 44-foot wingspan, it’s 42 times the size of the commercial LEGO set you can build at home and was created to promote the animated series The Yoda Chronicles. Super impressive, it is.

Yankee Stadium

Eric via flickr

Take me out to the miniature ballgame, take me out to the crowd! At the 2014 New Jersey Brickfair, people got a chance to see a whole other side of the Yankee Stadium, thanks to LEGO pro Sean Kenney. It was made over the course of three years, with the help of a Manhattan grade schooler, and it even features over 1,700 "microscale people."


Fiid Williams via flickr

You might just leave your heart in this LEGOLAND version of San Francisco. If you visit LEGOLAND California, keep an eye out for SF’s famous Victorian Houses. They’re part of a whole San Francisco-scape that includes cable cars, Pier 39 and even the sounds of sea lions.


Scott McLeod via flickr

Have you herd about these LEGO bison? A few years ago, they were some of 27 amazing LEGO sculptures created by Sean Kenney and a team as part of the touring Nature Connects LEGO exhibit. They started off at Iowa’s Reiman Gardens and will be moving around the country for the next few years, so don’t miss ‘em!

Statue of Liberty

ccho via flickr

Created by Nathan Sawaya and featured in The Art of the Brick exhibition, this Lady Liberty is more than just a still statue. We love how dynamic this LEGO sculpture is—clearly, it was made with a lot of heart.


Simon Q via flickr

How terrific is this T-Rex? It’s yet another highlight of The Art of the Brick exhibition and clocks in at 80,000 LEGO pieces and a 20-foot length. Ol’ Rex also took an entire summer to build, each bone pieced together bit by bit. Talk about a LEGO creation for the history books!

Batman and Gang

Loren Javier via flickr

Holy building blocks, Batman! These life-size LEGO sculptures of the Joker, Batman and Robin were spotted back at the 2013 Comic-Con, which is always chock-full of LEGO reveals and displays.

Eiffel Tower

Jared via flickr

Sin City meets the Sunshine State! Located in LEGOLAND Florida, this Eiffel Tower stands tall at an impressive 13 feet. But instead of a Parisian influence, it's actually part of a LEGO recreation of the Vegas strip that also includes the MGM Grand, the Venetian, and even the iconic balloon sign.

M.C. Escher's "Impossible Staircase"

Andrew Lipson

The creator of this LEGO build, Andrew Lipson, truly got into the topsy-turvy spirit of M.C. Escher's famous Relativity drawing. You can get a glimpse of how this crazy 3D version was constructed by clicking here.

The Star Wars Organ

Lorenz Lnggrtnr

Hoth, Tatooine, Endor and the Death Star are all represented on this musical masterpiece. When the organ is turned, the carefully placed bricks touch mechanical sensors and the iconic Star Wars theme is played. Find out more here.

Woody & Buzz

Pop Culture Geek via Flickr

How do you take a LEGO creation to infinity and beyond? Make it a tribute to one of the best Pixar duos around. The movie versions of these pals may be tiny toys, but in LEGO stores across America, they get the extra-large treatment (Yet another reason to make a trip to your closest LEGO source ...).

Brickley the Sea Serpent

daryl_mitchell via Flickr

Brickley the smiley sea serpent has appeared at many LEGO Stores around the world. Sometimes he's found winding his way in and out of rooms, and until a few years ago, he hung out in the waters of Disney World. He's made of over 170,000 blocks and even inspired a fun mini version.

— Abigail Matsumoto & Susie Foresman



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