14 Space-Saving Loft Beds Kids & Parents Will Love

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Looking to elevate your kid’s bedroom with a savvy design that is functional, saves a ton of space all while delivering a good night’s sleep? These “lofty” goals may seem impossible, but thanks to these clever kids’ loft beds, the dream can now be a reality. Check out our favorite loft bed setups below, and be prepared to take your kid’s room to brand new heights.

Mid-Century Marvel

This loft bed with desk hits all the right mid-century notes: from the classic wood color to the streamlined styling, we are pretty sure this piece will stick around long after the kids have moved on to their own abodes. 

To buy: West Elm

Urban Industrial

This workhorse not only delivers a spot to sleep, but the built-in shelving units also provide ample storage—whether your little one needs a spot for their dinosaur collection, books, or a place to display their sports awards. 

To buy: Walmart

Modern Perch

Modern furniture maker, Oeuf, has done it again by applying their minimalist-yet-still-cool-for-kids look onto what can sometimes be a large and overwhelming structure in a room. Their "Perch" loft bed is as versatile a loft as the rest of them but with an eye for design thanks to its pared-down styling.

To buy: Oeuf

Glamour Teen

If your kid is begging to upgrade their little kid's room to a full-fledged teenager's oasis, this twin loft bed delivers design-worthy results with on-trend metal accents against clean lines. Plenty of space abounds below the sleeping area whether for a full desk setup or cozy lounge. 

To buy: Target

Farmhouse Forever

If you are and your kids still can't get enough of farmhouse-chic, then install this rustic-inspired loft bed that also accommodates a full-size mattress—a nice perk for growing kids.

To buy: Walmart

Dream Slide

Who could ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed that has a slide welcoming you to start your day? This loft bed, ideal for active kids, also includes handy pockets for storybooks and toys—keeping all their favorites within easy reach.

To buy: Lowes

Cafe Culture

Do you have a Starbucks-loving teen? This convertible loft bed will make their mocha-frappucino dreams a reality thanks to this clever set-up that provides cafe-style seating underneath their sleeping quarters. Best part? If a playdate/study-sess goes late, the seating area can quickly transform into another bed, turning this loft into an instant bunk for sleepover fun.

Need to maximize a bedroom with bunk beds? Check out these bunk ideas that make the most of your space.

To buy: Overstock

Color Theory

Some say a coat of paint is the easiest way to transform a room but they must not have seen this loft bed available in 16 different colors! Pop this loft bed into your kid's room for a much-appreciated splash without any of those rogue paint splatters. 

To buy: Room & Board

Classic & Contained

Complete with guard rails, storage shelf, and stairs, this all-in-one loft bed has everything a kid could want with all the safety reassurances parents need so parents can sleep easily too.

To buy: Walmart

Indoor Treehouse

This handmade, easy-to-assemble bed offers a cozy spot for your flock—we can't get enough of the chimney detail on the roof! And with only three steps up, height-averse kids will still get a bird's eye view of their room. 

To buy: Beloved Treehouse Shop via Etsy

Studio Standard

For the kid who needs it all—a desk, a wardrobe, a place to play, and a spot to sleep, then look no further than ultra-convenient IKEA whose loft bed provides all of that and then some without taking up a ton of floor space.

To buy: IKEA

Super Chic Studio Loft

No nook or cranny was overlooked when it came to designing this loft space—the stairs double as drawers for much-needed storage, while the bathroom and kitchen live underneath. The result is a refined and grown-up space that is perfect for older teenagers or kids living at home but will also work in the future once the kids finally leave the roost. This plan could easily turn a spare room or garage into its very own studio apartment in the future.  

Cabinet Lift

Thanks to Hamilton Snowber's clever design, built-in cabinets provide the support needed for this cozy loft bed. We love that the space underneath is maxed out with a work desk and tons of storage. 

Double Duty DIY

This general construction company solved the problem of wasted space above a stairwell with this genius built-in loft space that is bound to become everyone's favorite sleeping spot. They also cleverly added a USB port and LED lights—which good or bad, you may never see your teenager again.

—Andie Huber



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