Find Privacy in Public: Super Nursing Spots

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Moms should feel comfortable feeding their babies no matter where they are, period! But there are some special places in LA that really cater to nursing moms and babes, and they deserve a shout-out.  From tricked out lounges to serene garden settings to stores that roll out the red carpet to breastfeeding moms, these are our favorite spots for comfort and privacy when nursing in public.


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Perhaps because of its European roots, where breastfeeding in public is about as controversial as tying your shoes, Ikea has a staff known for being welcoming to breastfeeding moms throughout the store. There are plenty of nooks with comfy spots to sit, but  you’ll feel the most natural in the children’s furnishing area where other shoppers can see how the rooms will really be used! Ikea also offers a private nursing room (usually near but not part of) the restrooms, which includes a sofa, changing table and private bathroom.  There are multiple Ikea locations in the greater Los Angeles area, check the website for hours and locations.



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Westfield Malls
The family lounge at any of the Westfield malls is the perfect spot to get your baby business done. While you nurse in one of the curtained, private nursing rooms or on the couch, your other tots can watch kid-friendly TV shows or play with toys. A full array of other babycare necessities are also included like changing tables and kid sized sinks. Plus (and it’s a big plus), it’s super clean.  There are Westfield malls in Culver City, Century City and the Valley.  Check the website for hours and locations.




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Disneyland / California Adventure
You’d expect an amusement park dedicated to making every experience magical to have a great area for moms to feed their babies, and you’d be right. In both parks, there’s a Baby Care Center that has a semi-private room with rockers (where you’ll share with a few other moms) for nursing and a separate one for pumping that has outlet access. Friendly cast members greet you at the door and lead you to what you need. There’s even a kitchen area to wash off any breastfeeding parts. We love the central location (Main Street) and the fact that it’s a quiet escape from the bustle of the park.




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The Grove (Los Angeles) and The Americana (Glendale)
The Grove shopping center in Mid-City was recently named one of the finalists in the America’s Best Restroom contest (yes, there’s actually an award for that). The Grove’s sister The Americana in Glendale has the same design. Both locations are touted by nursing moms as being fantastic and spa-like for a nursing break while shopping. There are two nursing rooms with rocking chairs, a children’s playroom with a chalkboard and TV and changing tables (with free wipes). Another great spot at The Grove is the ladies lounge at Nordstrom.

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Aquarium of the Pacific
You know how you plan a special day out with the family and then it turns into a nightmare because there’s nowhere comfortable to nurse? Then baby’s not fed well and is cranky, which makes mama cranky, which makes…well, you get the picture. At the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, if baby’s too distracted nursing around people and fish, there’s a special family room downstairs (near the coffee cart – bonus!) in the Great Hall.



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Pottery Barn, West Elm or Williams Sonoma Home
The owner of Williams-Sonoma Inc., Laura Alber, breastfed her kids and her own mother is a lactation consultant and as a mom who gets it, she has declared all Pottery Barn (Home and Kids), West Elm and Williams Sonoma stores breastfeeding-friendly zones. That means there are plenty of stylin’ couches and chairs to set you and baby up for a comfy nursing session, judgement-free, wherever you like.  That’s a company policy we can really get behind!



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Huntington Gardens
Winner of the most beautiful outdoor spot to breastfeed award (according to us!), Huntington is great because there are so many tucked away nooks where you can get privacy in the great outdoors. It’s such a serene place baby will be a calm feeder.  And a calm and happy baby means a calm and happy mama.


-Shannon Guyton

Do you have a favorite spot for breastfeeding baby when you’re out and about? Share your scoop in the comment section below!