Tour the LA Elementary School That’s Producing Leaders & Changemakers

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Seeking an extraordinary education for your kid that’s anything but old school? Children’s Community School for grades K-6, is opening its doors for a tour you don’t want to miss. Go learn about this progressive LA elementary school’s ever-evolving, groundbreaking curriculum that will shape the future of your young leader––making him/her not only a great student, but able to reach their full potential.

A New School of Thought

Gone are the days of kids just sitting still in their seat and keeping quiet at their desk. Students of Children’s Community School are motivated and inspired instead of lectured and chastened. The school’s modern approach to teaching fosters engaged learners who “don’t just take notes, (they) take action.” Kids learn to think for themselves while collaborating with others in a safe and loving environment.

Children's Community School: Creativity from Kilter on Vimeo.

Individuality Is Celebrated

Children’s Community School is rewriting the story of elementary education, tailoring it to pique the wonder and curiosity of each and every student to inspire a lifelong love of learning. While teachers design their lesson plans to help kids reach their full academic potential, they also consider kids’ varying learning styles to create an atmosphere in which all are challenged to soar to new heights in their own unique way.

Live It, Learn It

Active learning makes kids eager to explore topics. Students don’t just learn the curriculum, they live it via experimentation, self-driven discovery, deep dives into their interests and by venturing into the world to accumulate knowledge and give their studies relevance. At every step, CCS relates study to life to prepare students to take part in shaping their own future, and the future of society.

In a Class of Its Own

A CCS education produces self-motivated students who develop the desire to gain knowledge and ask questions. Beyond academics, kids learn the value of friendship and the importance of being of service to others.

“Don’t Recite History, Reform It”

Children’s Community School’s ultimate goal is for youth to know themselves, show compassion to others and take responsibility for their own education. In a world in which young people’s voices and actions are being heard and recognized more than ever, and 16 year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg was just the youngest recipient of Time‘s 2019 Person of the Year accolade, a school that empowers kids with the mission “don’t recite history, reform it,” is exactly what’s needed to embolden youth to create a better tomorrow.

Schedule a Tour

Due to demand, Children’s Community School added one last tour for the new year, on January 29. Schedule a tour today. Hurry, space is filling up!

Children’s Community School
14702 Sylvan St.
Van Nuys, CA 91411

––Beth Shea

photos: Children’s Community School