New Healthy Eats: The Harvest Bar Opens

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The Harvest Bar, newly opened in Sherman Oaks, is taking the Superfood phenomenon to greater heights and bigger bowls. They’ve done the research and shopping for us and they’ve taken all those exotic and beneficial berries, grains and protein packed powerhouses you read about in the news and blended them into six varieties of wonderful.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner just got a whole lot easier, tastier and healthier!


The Super Bowl Comes to LA
Or as close as our football-less city can get. It’s super. It’s in a bowl. And it’s better than football- or at least healthier. This place is like a juice bar with some added pitaya, spirulina, and quinoa. Here’s how it works. There are six bowls to choose from, each with a sugar-free power packed base. The bases, as the kiddos will be the first to report, tastes like ice cream. Inside each base is a mélange of wellness. Hemp protein, spinach, coconut shreds – they all blend into a naturally sweet (The Protein tastes downright sinful) and spoon-able meal. With the base you get three additions of your choice. Granolas, fresh berries, a buffet of seeds, nibs, and pollens. It’s like going for fro-yo, only less gummy bears, more goji berries.


Bowled Over
How much for the whole menu? When you walk in, you’ll want to try them all. And it’s not just the rush of ordering a big bowl of virtue, which admittedly feels fantastic.  It’s that you’ll genuinely want to eat every option. And – wait for it – so will your offspring.HarvestBarSydselecting

Conveniently Sized To Scale
There isn’t a kid menu that is super-sugared, fried or dumbed down. Nope – here the kids are eating what you’re eating – only smaller. Two flavors come in kid sizes, and they’ll love them both.  The Harvest (Acai, banana, strawberry, blueberry, apple juice) pretty much crushes whatever snack they were noshing on before, and The Tropical (Acai, banana, pineapple, mango, coconut milk, orange juice, coconut shreds) allows them to ingest the fruitful benefits of the islands without the need for airfare.  And if the bowls that only come in bigger sizes happen to catch their fancy, you’ll be happy to help with any leftovers (not that there will be any!).HarvestBarbackdrop

Comes With a Side of Phytosterols
Maybe you can’t pronounce it. Maybe you don’t know what it is. Here’s all you need to know: it tastes like berries and is one of the immunity boosters contributing to the almighty acai (another word we never learned to say right). That’s ok. Pitaya (it’s dragon fruit) and spirulina don’t exactly roll off the tongue either, but they’re ever present in these Superfood superbowls of farm to table fast-ish food.HarvestBarjars

Pro For Protein.
The protein that keeps kids full till the next meal is hiding in all the most delicious places. “The Quinoa Breakfast” bowl tastes like some magical marriage of rice pudding and breakfast, and the aptly named “The Protein” is a mix of chocolate-peanut butter-banana that will entice even your biggest carb-craver.

What a pleasure to see your offspring dive into a bowl of something neon fuchsia, knowing it’s power packed with fiber, magnesium, omegas – all the good stuff. The powers that be must’ve had 7 year-olds in mind when Dragonfruit was created. Blended up it looks like something that’d come out of a Slurpee machine, tastes like cherry popsicles, and boasts a bounty of benefits like some kind of wonder vitamin. Beware ordering The Pitaya for yourself; at least if you have any designs on finishing your own meal.HarvestBarpitayaclose

Super for Summer
Hankering for a froyo fix? An icy treat? Something in a sorbet perhaps? This place can replace any and all of those treats.  It can even replace a meal.  We heard one kiddo say, “I get ice cream for breakfast?” with insane glee.  Yes, you can have this “ice cream” for breakfast.*  Or lunch.  Or dinner. It’s a true happy meal, for both parents and kids.

*Please note that if this is your breakfast stop, they do not serve coffee.  Luckily, there’s a Starbucks a few doors down. We gotcha, mom.HarvestBarsharing

King of the Strip Mall
Don’t go expecting  precious surrounds – it’s situated in the corner of an unassuming strip mall that could frankly do with some face lifting. But there are tables inside and out, (outside being the more stroller friendly), and plenty of free parking. The Harvest Bar has taken goodness and rolled it up into a bowl of flamboyantly hot pink kid-favoring fun. Drive over, dig in, and recalibrate in the latest fantastically filling sugar-free rush, putting one more hit of great in the 818.

-Written and photographed by Jolie Loeb

The Harvest Bar
15030 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks
Phone: (818) 889-1765