Ice Cream Lab: They Blinded Me With Science

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icelab5You don’t really have to tempt kids with any kind of coolness factor to get them to enjoy a sub-zero sweet.  But it’s an extra treat when they can see their very own ice cream get custom made right before their eyes, just for them, with a puff of magic (liquid nitrogen), a whir of the mixer, and a scoop of the old fashioned, well, scoop.  Forget fro-yo and goodbye gelato: once your kids enter the Ice Cream Lab, they won’t want to go anywhere else.


Blue Spark
You get to the shop.  The kids can’t even wait till for the doors open at noon, peering in at the cool décor: see through chairs, bright blue walls, a cartoon scientist welcoming you, and a big guy wheeling up a barrel of something that looks like it belongs in a science lab, not an ice cream shop.   This looks promising…


What I Like About You
Before we get into the good stuff, for kids, let’s talk about the good stuff, for moms.  Yes, it’s ice cream, which means cream and sugar.  But the nice thing about using futuristic science to insta-freeze your dessert: this ice cream needs no shelf life.  Which means made to order, preservative free, chemical free, additive free and the ice cream and frozen yogurt bases are 100% organic and natural.  They even attempt to source everything locally.  That includes the coffee, fresh from Intelligentsia, so if you need a caffeine pick-me-up, instead of a sugar one, they’ve got you covered.  Now back to what the kids like.


Whip It
You pick your base (ice cream or frozen yogurt).  You pick your flavor (they have a rotating selection that includes signature flavors like Blue Velvet, Angeles Apple Pie, Barrington Brownie, and Salt Lick Crunch, plus two seasonal flavors). icelab3Your Ice Cream “Lab Tech” pours base into a mixer, hooks up the liquid nitrogen nozzle and the magic happens.  Smoke pours.  Mixers whirl.  Add-ins get dropped-in.  Kids grin.  And 60 seconds later, their flavor of choice is handed to them.  With a spoon – blue, of course.


Just Can’t Get Enough
It’s pretty great to see the smiles that watching their ice creams get made brings to the faces of mini-scientists and foodies alike.  So naturally, you’d like to see it more often.  But perhaps a trek to the Hills of Beverly isn’t something you do all the time.  Fear not – Ice Cream Lab is planning on launching an ice cream truck this summer, tricked out with two liquid nitrogen blasters.  And they’re also working on incorporating the concept into a cart you can hire for birthday parties.  The perfect accompaniment to that mad scientist birthday party you’re planning…


Now Moon Walk Down the Street
You’re full, and you’ve parked (free for 2 hours at one of the Beverly Hill lots, like the one on Beverly Dr., next to Williams Sonoma).  Now what?

Here are 4 kid-tastic things in easy walking distance of the Ice Cream Lab:

  1. The Museum of Television and Radio (The Paley Center)– Right across the street, Bugs and pals beckon with the current Television Out of the Box Exhibit.
  2. The Beverly Hills Library – One of our favorite libraries in town just got a make-over.  You can spend the whole afternoon here.
  3. Tom’s Toys – Right on Beverly Dr. is a Mom & Pop toy store that is deceptively large behind that small store front.  You’ll have to drag the kids out.  (Perhaps a better strategy is to visit this store before ice cream, so you can lure them out of the store with the promise of something sweet.)
  4. The Beverly Hills Fire Station – This big and beautiful fire station right over on Rexford Dr. is full of friendly fire fighters who always seem to have plenty of time for kiddos.


Ice Cream Lab
9461 S Santa Monica Blvd.
Beverly Hills, Ca 90210
Phone: 310-795-6505
Hours: Sunday – Wednesday from 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm, and Thursday – Saturday from 12:00 pm – 12:00 am.
Prices: $5-$6 for an ice cream, $7-$8 for a milkshake.

Are you in a scientific mood now?  We have some pretty great science experiments, using every day objects, that you can try at home!

–Meghan Rose