Summertime means hot days, cool treats, and sticky fingers covered in melty, soupy not-so-iced cream. But there’s a new treat in town, and Little Spoon’s delicious, frozen and packable dessert are ones that you can bring along for beach days, road trips, birthday parties and lazy park afternoons. With no fuss and half the mess of ice cream, frozen pudding by LA’s Little Spoon will make you and your puddin’s pop with joy.

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More Than Just Your Average Pudding
Little Spoon pudding cups aren’t your mama’s snack pack. Chef Hannah Canvasser (co-founder of the new LA company with Jason Kessler) transforms her handmade delicious pudding into a creamy, rich frozen dessert mixed with fun, all-natural inclusions like graham crackers, marshmallow cream and vanilla wafers. With palate pleasing flavors like Nana Banana (just like grandma used to make), Caramel Latte (coffee hour transformed) and Campfire Chocolate (cold and creamy s’mores), this pudding perfection is appealing to both the budding foodie and pintsize sweet tooth alike. An all-inclusive pudding pioneer, Little Spoon currently offers 5 flavors including both vegan (Coconut Cream Pie) and gluten-free (Brown Sugar Vanilla) options.

photo: Schuck Photography

Pudding A-Go-Go
The idea that makes Little Spoon pudding packaging ingenious for parents is that while you buy it frozen, there’s no need to eat it that way. Enjoyed frozen or thawed, this is one cool treat that is meant to be savored, not devoured. Unlike the classic summertime favorite, frozen pudding doesn’t melt. Instead of a chocolate puddle and endless tears of disappointment, you’ll still have a delicious cup of cool, thick pudding to enjoy at your leisure.

Thanks to the cute, single-serving cups, this frozen delight travels with you to all of your family adventures, making it easy to toss a pack or two in lunch boxes, camp snack packs, beach bags or coolers.  The delicious melt factor also makes them perfect for summer birthday parties, where kids often get a big scoop of the frozen stuff, just to set it down and come back to find a flavored puddle of cream.  Which means tears, and a second bowl.  That will also melt in minutes…

photo: Andrea Kagey

Pudding Party
Right now, Jason and Hannah have no immediate plans for a storefront of their own. Instead they’re focusing on bringing the pudding to you by way of private parties and events. When they’re not livening up a party, you should expect to find their custom-made freezer cart and vintage cooler at street fairs around town like Abbot Kinney First Fridays and Smorgasburg LA.

photo: little spoon

Special Delivery
Can’t wait for an event to get your pudding fix? Check out their website to see where they’re carried and head to one of the several gourmet food markets from Santa Monica to Pasadena that sell Little Spoon to big fans. You can also have it delivered right to your door (or anywhere else in the US) in a convenient pack of 8 pudding cups, completely frozen in a reusable freezer tote. Thanks to Little Spoon, beach days just got a lot sweeter.


photo: Andrea Kagey

What’s your favorite summer sweet indulgence? Share it with us in the comments!

—Andrea Conway Kagey

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