Whether it’s LEGOs, K’Nex, Lincoln Logs, or just plain old wood blocks, kids love to build and create. Here in Los Angeles we’ve got some amazing examples of architecture that will inspire you’re little Lautner or growing Geary. These buildings are impressive, cool, and anything but boring – and most are in unexpected places and totally touchable.  So take your tot on a structural and instructional tour of the city that will get their wheels turning – then go home and see what you can create!

ARCO Helios House

Recycle. Reduce. Reuse. This environmentally friendly gas station strives to lessen its carbon footprint by using solar power, providing recycling containers for trash, and colleting rainwater for irrigation. Pretty much everything that went in to building this place was made from recycled materials. Pick up a postcard and plant it in the backyard. The cardboard holds tiny wildflower seeds that sprout when wet. It’s a perfect Earth Day pit-stop!

Arco Helios House
8770 W Olympic Blvd. (at Robertson)
Los Angeles

Did we miss any super cool, kid-spirational spots?  We’d love to know your favorite architecture in LA.

-Christina Fiedler

Photo Credits: George via Creative Commons, Stu Spivack via flickr, Robert H. via yelp, Paul L. via yelp,  Joseph A. via yelp, Jorge Bueno via flickr, W.L. via yelp, Mike D. via yelp, Noa B. via yelp,  Andy Kennelly via Google+

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