Roller Retro Family Fun at Moonlight Rollerway

Flashback time:  The lights are low.  Your banana clip is perfectly coordinated with your Benetton shirt.   The cutest guy in 7th grade shrugs at you and you giggle and take his hand for couples skate as “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” starts to play.  Best. Day. Ever.  Until now, when you can recreate the retro roller fun with your favorite dates of all time – your kids. Nestled on a corner of an industrial stretch of San Fernando Road, Moonlight Rollerway is one of those places you could drive by 1000 times, and never know is there. But roll up here on any day of the week and you’ll wonder if you’re the only one in town that didn’t know about this place: it’s hip, it’s happenin’, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

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Blast From The Past

Skaters young and old have been zipping around Moonlight’s patina floor since 1950, although back then it was known as Harry’s Roller Rink . Today the place is owned by Dominic Cangelosi, a legend in the roller-skating world for his thirty-year career as a skating organist  -some say the most famous in the world.  Mix that up with the disco balls above your head and that psychedelic 80s carpeting below your feet, and you will indeed feel like you’ve just stepped back in time to your own vintage childhood.

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Just For Kids

The very best time to come to Moonlight Rollerway with your kiddos is during Saturday morning Kids Skate from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.  Come a little earlier and they can take a children’s beginner class (parents welcome), which includes skate rentals and the skate session after class. During all weekend sessions you and your mini whiz-on-wheels can really get down with some old-school games like Red-Light-Green-Light, Four Corners, The Chicken Dance, and yes, you guessed it, The Hokey-Pokey.  Try that on wheels. (And then get up, brush off, and try again.)

R Light G Light

Stop by the snack bar for some pizza,  corndogs, funnel cakes and other fun foods, or brake for some arcade games, although there are only a few: roller skating is the real star here, so lace up and roll on.

claw game

Skate-Date, Anyone?

Look, we weren’t going to mention it; we know you’re looking for cool things to do with the kids, but since you asked: Yes! This is a great place for a grown-up date too. Especially on Tuesday nights when you can skate back in time to the sounds of live organ music piping out across the floor. So get a sitter, find your banana clip, and go “Back in Time” (hum along with Huey Lewis now).

moonlight Rollerway skaters

Skates and skills seeming a bit rusty? Brush ’em off and try the adult beginner class before the session – you’ll be up to speed in no time.

roller skate lesson

Roller-Skate Skinny: Know Before You Go

  • Check the schedule: Some skate sessions are adult only and the rink closes occasionally for private parties and maintenance. Be sure to check the website for details before driving over.
  • Leave the gum and cell-phones, cameras and head-phones in your bag: all are prohibited on the rink for safety reasons.
  • Parents can stay on the sidelines and watch for free; all other patrons must wear skates.
  • You can rent regular roller skates for an additional cost, or bring your own. Roller-blades and in-line skates are acceptable to bring, but not available for rent.
Moonlight Rollerway
5110 San Fernando Rd.
Glendale, CA 
Phone: (818) 241-3630


 Do you have a retro place to have fun with your family? Share it here. 

-Jennifer Wolfe

Photo credits: Katya Shaposhnik,  Jennifer Wolfe and Jason Lander via Creative Commons


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