The day your sweet tooth subsides is the day your kids sweet tooth subsides, and frankly, that day is named never. Unfortunately, ice cream and cookies just aren’t healthy enough to have every day. Luckily, the new Frozen Fruit Co. in Santa Monica is the antidote to anti-dessert, because the nothing-but-fruit sweet will scratch everyone’s ice cream itch in a totally healthy way.

Is it Frozen Yogurt?  Sorbet?  Gelato?
If it helps to tell the kids that, go for it.  But truthfully it is like none of the above, with the reason being that it is purely fruit and fruit extracts.  As Porky Pig (who clearly ate more than Frozen Fruit) would say, “That’s all folks.”

Frozen Fruit Co. is exactly and exclusively what the name says it is—frozen fruit, soft served.  Sweetened by either date syrup or natural fruit extracts, where sorbets use a sugar syrup water base and fro-yos do dairy, these afternoon delights deem themselves permissible when your better parenting instincts say no way to another candy covered cup of anything else.

The Final Four
Mastery takes time.  That’s why Michael and Victoria Philippou, who surrendered their law careers in England to pursue a healthy sweet treat option on our sunny shores, knew they were ready to launch when they had nailed four fruit combinations.  The four options are, listed with every last ingredient (because seriously, how often can we do that?), are:

  • Coconut and Cacao (coconut milk, cacao, dates).
  • Raspberry and Orange (raspberries and oranges with apple, pear, and peach extracts).
  • Mango and Strawberry (Alphonso mangoes and strawberries with apple, pear, and peach extracts).
  • Pineapple and Passionfruit (pineapple and passionfruit with apple, pear and peach extracts).

But Stand by for More
But the creativity continues.  Plain strawberry is in the tasting stages (so good with the coconut and cacao, which tastes a lot like a chocolate macaroon) and there are rumors of pumpkin and possibly chocolate mint for the holidays.

Cups, Cones & Orchids
Swirl it all up in a waffle cone or a cup starting at $3.95 for a small.  Mix and match flavors, and add some tasty toppings. Or rather, they’ll swirl, mix and top it for you; unlike the fro-yo spots, no germy hands have breached the sneeze guard to touch everything you’ll taste.  Because while kids love the serve your self, if we’re being health conscious, let’s keep it clean, too.  (Your inner germ-o-phobe is doing the happy dance.)

However you order up, it comes with an edible orchid, which instantly transports you to a tropical beach, even if it’s a frigid (say 65°) LA winter day.

About Those Allergies
Welcome to dessert Nirvana.  All flavors are dairy free, nut free, gluten free, white sugar free, vegan, and soy free.  There are nuts available as toppings, and some toppings do contain soy.  But it’s super easy to steer clear of either and/or both,. For anyone with any allergies or dietary restrictions, straight soft serve fruit is the way to go.

Pretty Is as Tasty Does
The pops of purple and pink and paisley will make any kid feel like they’ve landed at a place that’s been just hanging out waiting for them.

Barstools inside, ceiling to floor windows, and sitting fountain side at any one of their tables is a treat alongside the treat.  Plus, there’s a place to get a kid’s haircut right next door, so if that happens to be on the to-do list, this can even be a “thanks for sitting still” treat.

It Sounds Too Good to Be True, so Parking Must Stink, Right?
Nope. There are a few spots behind the shop and ample metered parking along Montana, but we preferred the free two-hour parking along the residential streets that run perpendicular.  Plenty of time to finish those cones and maybe move on for a little kiddo hair cut or some boutique browsing for mom.

Bottom Line: Feeding Them Well Feels Great
Because when it comes all swirled up in a cone beside an edible flower, they don’t even ask for the artificially colored and flavored, sugar coated other stuff.  Let the kids be the judge.  And by all means help yourself a cone as well.

Frozen Fruit Co.
729 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica

Do you have a fave frozen (or not!) treat that won’t send the kids into sugar coma?  We’d love to hear about it in the comment section.

—written and photographed by Jolie Loeb, additional photos by Frozen Fruit Co.

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