LA’s Queen of Green Gets Kids Gobbling Superfoods

In the summer, it’s harder than ever to get kids to eat well. It’s hot. You don’t want to cook; they only want to eat ice cream. Of course it took an LA native to come up with a solution for getting kids to eat healthy that is fun, creative, easy, and has them asking, no, demanding seconds (and even thirds). It’s a Philosophie we can really get behind.


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When Sophie Met Superfoods
Sophie Jaffe is the reigning LA Queen of the Green. She’s a yoga teacher, raw food nutritionist and raw food chef (who has worked with Hollywood people like George Clooney, Billy Corgan, Gerard Butler and others). And when she had kids, she knew parents, more than anyone else, needed an easy way to get nutrients into both their own bodies and their kids. So she created three superfood blends: Green Dream, Cacao Magic and Berry Bliss and her company, Philosophie, was born.


It’s Not Easy Eating Green
Since Green foods are the hardest to get kids to eat (not to mention the most necessary and nutrient dense) Green Dream was her first creation. In one tablespoon, this blend packs more protein than an egg, more iron than a serving of beef, less sugar than a stick of gum and more fiber than bran cereal. Add a scoop to a meal and your nutritional bases are covered!  Then she followed it up with Cacao Magic, because there’s no better way to get kids (and us) to eat what’s healthy than by making it taste like chocolate. And finally there’s Berry Bliss, which takes the goodness of goji, acai and other berries and packs a punch of vitamins C & A alongside plenty of antioxidants.

green dream

Easy + Tasty = Win, Win, Win
What we love about Philosophie is that the work is done – the mixing and blending of all the nutrients a growing (or grown) body needs. No trips to the health food store for the spirulina and chia seeds that sit forgotten in the back of the fridge. You just pick your favorite blend and  add 1 Tablespoon to whatever you’re making. Cookies? Add some. Hummus? Stir it in. Whatever it is the kids like to eat, you can add the good stuff with a quick stir. Here are some favorite easy ways to use it (all kid tested and approved, by both Sophie, who must have the healthiest kids on the planet, and our own LA editor kids, who are big fans).


B, L & D: Tips, Tricks and Easy Recipes

*For breakfast, what could be more fun than green eggs? Sophie told us that her family’s favorite breakfast was to mix Green Dream into scrambled eggs and eat “green eggys” while reading Green Eggs and Ham.

*You can also stir Green Dream into your favorite waffle or pancake recipe. Our LA editor mixes it into waffles and then tops the waffles with yogurt mixed with Berry Bliss and a little agave. It’s a colorful treat of a breakfast that the kids gobble up – and you know they’re getting a great start to the day.

*If the green color doesn’t feel breakfasty to the kids, try adding it to oatmeal along with a handful of frozen blueberries. The blueberries turn everything a gorgeous purple and mask the color and taste of the green goodness.

*Lunch is often on the go. Sophie recommends adding Green Dream to hummus or guacamole – both make easy dips or sandwich spreads for and packed snacking lunches alongside some pita, tortilla chips or veggies.


*For a super easy breakfast for kids that don’t get hungry first thing in the morning, mix Green Dream into your favorite milk with a splash of agave or honey.

*Green Dream was both of Sophie’s sons’ first foods, mashed with avocado and banana. Add some Cacao Magic and you’ve got a densely nutritious and delicious “chocolate pudding” that big kids will eat up, too.

*For dinner it can step to the side and get mixed into any salad dressing or pesto, making sure that even your sides and main dishes are serving plenty of nutrition.

* You can add any of the three flavors to yogurt or a smoothie for a nutrient punch up in the mid day.

*For dessert you can add it to any baked good you make – brownies, muffins, granola or cake batter.

choc sophie

*Here’s how kids like it best, and why it’s such a great summer discovery: it makes fabulous and easy cold treats. Add Cacao Magic to naturally sweet coconut water and freeze it for chocolate popsicles. Mix any of the superfood blends with frozen fruits and a hint of your favorite milk and you have instant soft serve ice cream.

Our new philosophy when it comes to getting our kids to eat right all summer long is to borrow from another smart local mom’s Philosophie.

Where you can get Sophie’s superfood blends: At all Mother’s Market locations, SunLife Organics, in the Santa Monica Place Market and the Santa Monica Co-Op. Or you can order them online at:

What tips and tricks do you use to keep your kids eating green? Let us know!


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