There’s nothing quite like raising kids in Los Angeles. We can (in theory, at least) go to the beach in December, though we actually never would. Our kids have strong opinions about taking the freeway versus service streets, and they ask for sushi in their lunch box. And we worry about keeping up with the Kardashians, not the Joneses. Read on to see 25 signs that you are an LA parent.

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1. You know that one of the perks of having a baby is finally getting to use the carpool lane on the 405.

2. You definitely had a babymoon at one of these nearby favorite destinations

3. When you called the local preschool to get your 6 month old on the wait list, you were told you’re too late.

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4. You’ve been to at least one first birthday party that was bigger and more expensive than your own wedding. 

5. Stainless steel PlanetBoxes lunch boxes is the "it" accessory at your kid's preschool.

6. The local kid's boutique has clothes that are more stylish—and more expensive—than your own. 

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7. Your kid wears their winter coat when it's 60 degrees out.

8. You personally do not own an umbrella, but you have a color-changing Floss & Rock one for your kid.

9. You have literally never thought of taking a picture of your child by the Hollywood sign, or on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or really anywhere in Hollywood for that matter. 

Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort

10. You've seriously considered getting an annual pass to Disneyland. 

11. Your kid thinks the four food groups are sushi, burrito, power bar and green juice.

12. Also, your kid loves seaweed. 

Courtesy of Kidspace Children's Museum

13. Your kids think snow is made in a factory and delivered by trucks to museums and parks.

14. And they think "Movie-Screener Season" is an actual season, falling between "Too Hot to Go outside for Recess Season" and "Holiday Season."

15. You politely decline any play date invitations located on the other side of the 10.

16. At 6, your kid announces their lactose intolerant and insists on drinking oat/almond/pea milk instead.

17. But they still happily eat fro-yo at Menchies. 

18. You've spotted a celeb mom at your kid's ballet/music/swim/karate class. 

Brittany Randolph via flickr

19. The way you've stocked the car with snacks and toys to make a 5-mile trip across town makes it look like you're heading to the Grand Canyon.

20. You have been moved to tears when you've scored a parking spot in the actual parking lot.

21. You drive to the neighborhood park—even though it's only a few blocks away. 


22. Your kid’s class is filled with names like Berlin, Indy and Ocean.

23. There's also at least 3 kids with “alternate spellings” of the same name.

24. The cost of your kid’s preschool tuition is as much as college tuition.

25. You have more playdates on the calendar than you had dates in all of high school. 


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