Weelicious Mom Catherine Shares Her Family Favorites

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One of our favorite Top Mom Food Bloggers, Catherine, shares her delicious recipes on her blog Weelicious.com. We love her blog because it is so easy to find a quick and nutritious recipe that will make both kids and adults happy. Now let’s take a sneak peak at current foodie, former model Catherine’s family favorites in Los Angeles.

1. What is your best advice for parents of picky eaters?

Try not to label kids “picky.” Not every child will love every food, so it’s important to empower them as much as possible. I find that letting kids be a part of the process in any way possible–like shopping, growing food or cooking together–will give them some independence and broaden their choices.

2. Where do you shop for your kids’ clothes?

I’m blessed to have a mother-in-law with great taste and a love for her grandchildren. She gets most of their clothes at Bit Z Kids.

3. Where do you like to catch a bite with the little ones in tow?

There are amazing restaurants in our neighborhood. We love going to a little Vietnamese restaurant called Gingergrass for Pho, banana leaf steamed fish, and more.

4. What’s your favorite local vacation or day trips?

Los Angeles is filled with kid friendly destinations like the LA Zoo, Travel Town, the Long Beach Aquarium, Kidspace Museum, and more.

5. Where do you and your husband like to go for date night?

There’s a tiny restaurant called Aroma in our hood that’s family owned and makes the most fresh, seasonal italian dishes that we both crave.