Extra Credit! Sweet Notes for Their Midday Meal

You don’t have to be brilliant with a bento box to make your kids’ lunchtime extra special—a sweet note can work just as well. From secret scratch-off messages to tasty treats, here are 12 cute ways to make the midday meal magnificent. Flip through the gallery to take a peek.

Hunger Games

Your lunch bunch can use their napkins for much more than cleaning up when you send Napkids along for the day. Choose from Notes, which have an empty conversation bubble or Games, which offers Tic-Tac-Toe on one side and Connect 4 on the other, for endless fun. Be sure to check out their Instagram account for daily inspiration.

Available at amazon.com, $5.99 for 50.

photo: courtesy Napkids

 What kind of special treats have you slipped into your child’s lunchbox to make his or her day? Let us know in the Comments below! 

— Gabby Cullen & Christal Yuen


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