There are so many pressing questions for parents to answer when it comes to the tooth fairy and tradition. How much does she leave? What does the tooth fairy do with the teeth? Does she have a day job? We’ll leave the answers up to you, but if you’re looking for ways to add magic to this memorable moment in your kid’s life, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find your inspiration.

Shop in Fairyland

Hold the Magic

The Tooth Fairy is always looking for ways to make things more magical. Hold The Magic is all about inspiring magic and stories (no money required), with adorable tiny gifts that are Tooth Fairy approved. Each gift includes supplies for three Tooth Fairy visits and a gold bag that holds a miniature treasure, a tiny Tooth Fairy letter in a sparkly envelope and Fairy Dust.

Cost: $29.95 per kit


Leave a special token

StudioTwelve28Shop on Etsy

A keepsake leave behind makes your sidekick’s encounter with the tooth fairy even more magical. In addition to the traditional cash stash she leaves, drop the tooth fairy’s own pressed penny coin as a extra treat. Parents can choose from two different finishes, and a hole punch location if you want to turn this keepsake into a wearable memory. Cost: $4.00 Find it on Etsy

Open the door to imagination

HelloLittleCloud's Etsy shop

Fairy doors are all the rage, so why not install one for the Tooth Fairy to use? Hello Little Cloud’s fairy door has everything you need to create a magical experience for your sidekick. The included ladder, wand, fairy dust and key make it easy for your kiddo to prep for the tooth fairy’s arrival. And the poster strips that won’t damage your walls are just for you.

Cost: $30

Find it on Etsy

Leave behind cute clues

15Monkeys' Etsy shop

Your winter elf leaves messes. And your family’s leprechaun drops gold coins in the trap. So it only figures the tooth fairy would leave behind some trace too. We love these shimmery little footprints you can stick just about anywhere, if you’re looking to up your tooth fairy game. They come 10 to a pack.

Cost: $3.50

Find it on Etsy

Make money magic

tenkidsandadog blog

Peter Pan fans know it takes a pinch of fairy dust to fly. Leave some behind on a dollar bill to really make your kid’s eyes light up. Find out how to turn make believe into reality at tenkidsandadog. We guarantee your kiddo won’t easily part with this special keepsake.

Hang it up

Pinsandseams Etsy shop

Help your Little know where the tooth fairy can find him with this hand-sewn door hanger designed by Pins and Seams. Each one has a little pouch, which means mom or dad doesn’t have to sneak in to find a pillow in the dark. And it doubles as an extra incentive for your kiddo to get up and at ‘em in the morning.

 Cost: $12.50

Find it on Etsy


Make a wish

Coastalloveuk's Etsy shop

If your kids are anything like ours, they’re firm believers in the give/get exchange rate. So if they leave a tooth, they’ll expect something in return. When they wake up to find this fairy wand bracelet with a simple poem composed by the tooth fairy, they’ll know they’ve gotten the big end of the stick. Parents can go with the gold wand pictured, or customize their kid’s card by adding a name and charm of their choice.

Cost: $2.86

Find it on Etsy

Fold in special touches

Bypass the long raging debate about just how much parents should leave under the pillow, and focus on the presentation instead. A carefully crafted origami design tucked under a pillow is always more magical than a dollar bill stuffed into a pillow, no matter what the occasion. Try your hand at folding a heart, butterfly or how about a crane to leave in exchange for one clean, pearly white tooth.

Make her mark

Talktothesun's Etsy shop

Imagine waking up after losing your first tooth to find your tooth gone, a little something special left under your pillow and—look!—a stamp that magically appeared on your hand. If she wasn’t convinced before, she will be when she wakes up to find the tooth fairy’s signature stamp that appeared magically overnight. Thanks goodness for sound sleepers!

Cost: $12

Find it on Etsy

Make it official

TheGlassLocket's Etsy shop

If proof is what your little skeptic is looking for, make like a cashier and leave a receipt for him to find. Parents fill in the important details on this official looking document that includes a sweet reminder to brush, before silently slipping one under the pillow. Our favorite part? They can help you fill in those blank baby book dates when you finally get around to it.

Cost: $2.99 for a set of 10

Find it on Etsy

A noteworthy option

FairyTwigs' Etsy shop

When your kid wakes up and finds a special pint sized note the tooth fairy left behind just for him, he’ll flip. And with this pack of 20 personalized letters it’s easy for you to make his day, even if you’re short on time. Need letters for more than one kiddo? No problem, there’s more than one series to choose from at this shop, which means they’ll be none the wiser.

Cost: $6

Find it on Etsy

Go big from the start

FromLucyGifts' Etsy shop

When that first tooth starts to wiggle, add this adorable kit to your Etsy cart. It includes tooth-themed trinkets and baubles for your kid to play with, as well as a jar of fairy dust, the tooth fairy rules and a simple note from the night visitor herself. It all comes in a drawstring bag so you can keep everything together. And parents can personalize the kit.

Cost: $10.78

Find it on Etsy

Give it glitz

Follow the lead of mom-blogger, Lisa Moore of Moore Minutes who suggests leaving gold coins, and some fairy dust to match, under your kiddo’s pillow. Call your bank ahead of time to find the golden Sacajawea or Presidential dollar coins and then stock up. Sure, they’re legal tender, but your gap-grinned kiddo may prefer to hold on to these special fairy coins.


—Allison Sutcliffe



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