Cat Sneaks into Family Car & Joins Their Road Trip, Becomes Instant Celebrity

Andrea Scholten/ Facebook

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Delilah is pawsitively pleased with herself

Andrea Scholten and her family were well into their road trip from St. Albans, Maine to Oshkosh, Wisconsin when they realized they had a secret passenger onboard their camper—their cat, Delilah. Apparently, Delilah didn’t get the memo that she was supposed to stay home and decided to hitch a ride to see what all the fuss was about.

The family was traveling to an airshow event called EAA AirVenture 2022, where they have plane performances and other events over the course of a week. The family was excited for the trip because it had been put off several years during the pandemic, but none more so than their fur baby.

“An excellent trip so far with one exception,” Scholten wrote. “We opened the camper to find a stowaway. Delilah has joined us for Oshkosh 2022.” She explained she opened the door to the camper when they stopped and staring back at her was a familiar face. “I just screamed ‘Delilah!’ and my husband and the kids were like ‘Delilah!’” Scholten told WCSH-TV. “So we went to Target, we bought her food, litter, a collar that we could write her name on because we were completely unprepared for this.”


Scholten suspected Delilah snuck into the camper when her husband was packing last minute. Soon, the family began posting more about her kitty adventures, capturing the hearts of the event coordinators. She made multiple local news headlines after her own hashtag, #stowawayoshkoshcat, started trending. “Once we realized she had been in the camper we moved her to the truck to ride with us,” she tells Tinybeans. “She happily rode in the cab until we reached Oshkosh. Once we set up the camper she was fine. She moved from bed to bed, window to window and watched the airshow and activity at the campground. She honestly seemed to enjoy herself.”

“We put a story up with a photo of her and people thought it was hysterical,” Scholten explained on Facebook. “They were commenting ‘We want more Delilah,’ so we did. Every day a couple of times a day I would put up a post and we used the hashtag … People loved Delilah.”

“Every post I put up would have a photo of Delilah, but it also had something to do with Oshkosh… It highlighted some of the fun things about Oshkosh, too, and we did that on purpose because we knew people were following this cat, and there’s more to the story than just a cat. We had gone to Oshkosh for a reason, and we just wanted people to see what was there,” Scholten continued.


Delilah even got to see Niagara Falls on her adventure. Not a bad way to spend a summer.

The family decided next year, Delilah won’t need to sneak around. She’s already on the guest list for Oshkosh 2023.

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