I see you doing it all.

I see you down on the floor helping your child get through a meltdown.

I see you exhausted in the night, as you wake up hourly to settle your child but then get up with them at 4 a.m. to start your day.

I see you longing for the diaper-free days as you continue to change your 7-year-old.

I see you feeding your child whatever they will willingly eat and be worried sick about their growth.

I see you at the pharmacy buying the stool softeners and probiotics because you’re desperate for your child to get relief.

I see you checking the emails late at night and trying to construct a response to the teacher about your child’s behaviors from the day.

I see you on the phone advocating and fighting for the supports and services that your child needs.

I see you covering the scratches on your arm because people will judge your child instead of offering to understand.

I see you worrying about your other children. I see you feeling guilty as you try to meet all the needs of every member of your family.

I see you desperate for a word, a sound….anything that will keep perpetuating hope.

I see you skipping meals because you’re so busy with appointments, cleaning and daily care that you forget to eat.

I see you trying to keep up with the dishes and laundry, homework and suppers.

I see you tired deep in your soul but still pushing forward, still showing up every single day.

I see you sitting through the therapies and appointments always doing what needs to be done for your child.

I see you praying hard for peace, comfort, progress and sleep.

I see you constantly completing paperwork for insurance wondering if it will ever end.

I see you dealing with family and friends who just don’t understand.

I see you crying silently in the shower because you’re stretched so thin trying to do it all.

I see you as the beautiful Mama that you are.

I see you showing up every day for your family.

I see your worries and fears for the future.

But most importantly:

I see your strength.

I see your dedication.

I see that you’re amazing.

I see that you’re doing a great job.

No one else can fill your shoes.

I see how much you love and how loved you are.

I see the difference that you’re making for your family.

You are everything.

You are enough.

I will always see you.

This post originally appeared on Stalen’s Way Blog.
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