This FREE Book Will Help Your Kids Deal with Fears & Anxiety Around Coronavirus

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From being at home to hearing the news, there are A LOT of words buzzing around about COVID-19 and it’s almost impossible for kids not to hear scary facts and stories. Unfortunately, the situation IS scary and without even meaning to, we can create more fear or anxiety around it for our kids.

That’s the boat author and mom Sara Olsher found herself in. With a daughter with high anxiety, Sara has found that explaining to her daughter the facts in a way that kids can understand actually made her daughter feel better. Which is why she wrote What Happens When the Coronavirus Changes EVERYTHING?: Explain the Science of COVID-19 and How Staying Home Affects a Kid’s Day-to-Day Life. 

The book is currently available for a free download here or you can buy the paperback version on Amazon. She’s also created a shelter-in-place calendar set to help kids know what to expect each day.

It’s not the first time Sara has found herself facing a difficult situation and having to explain it to her daughter. First, it was divorce. And then in 2017, she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and once again had to explain something very, very hard and scary, to her young child. She founded Mighty+Bright to help kids and families deal with difficult situations: using books and customizable magnetic calendars, Mighty+ Bright products aim to give children a sense of control (and therefore calm).

Learn more about Sara’s story and Mighty + Bright products at: 

—Amber Guetebier

All images courtesy Sara Olsher/Mighty + Bright


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