Mila Kunis Just Shared the Ultimate Parenting Hack & We’re Totally Trying It

Celebs parents––they’re just like us! On a recent interview for Extra, actress Mila Kunis shared how she and husband Ashton Kutcher are currently navigating prolonged periods of time at home, and we can definitely relate.

Kunis shares that like many parents, they’ve run the gamut of every craft and have now gotten creative with “happy trash.” What is happy trash? Check out the video below (you can skip to 2:30 to get straight to the trash talk)!

Nothing is off limits when it comes to a bag of happy trash! Pack it with recyclables and let your kiddos imagination run wild. While the concept of upcycling materials for crafts definitely isn’t new, we are more than appreciative of the new term, “happy trash” to get the kiddos excited.

Well done, Mila!

––Karly Wood

Feature image: Tinseltown/



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