New Survey Shows How the Pandemic Changed Parenting

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How has parenting changed in the last year? More specifically, how have parents changed? Millie Moon Luxury Diapers recently tapped OnePoll to conduct a survey of 2,000 millennial parents—and the results may surprise you!

It’s probably not a shock to many parents that the events of 2020 changes plenty of attitudes towards just about everything. Between the sudden, drawn-out together-time families found themselves in, working from home, schooling from home and doing everything else from home, parenting has had to change in the past year.

photo courtesy of Millie Moon

The survey found that four out of five moms and dads surveyed felt 2020 made them completely reevaluate their parenting. Seventy-two percent said the pandemic helped them to show more compassion as parents and 73 percent began prioritizing the smaller moments they could share with their kiddos.

When it comes to work, more than 40 percent of parents put less of an emphasis on their jobs. This extra time reportedly had a major affect on the littles, according to the parents surveyed. Seventy-six percent of parents also discovered new ways to connect with their kids!

The increased emphasis on connecting with the kiddos may make you wonder how parents are spending more time with their families. The survey found that nearly half of parents say story-time is a bonding moment. With that in mind, Millie Moon is donating a portion of the proceeds from the brand’s new Luxury Diaper line to the national early literacy nonprofit, Reach Out and Read. Nab these luxe diapers and wipes exclusively at Target!

—Erica Loop



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