A Video Game Where We Take Care of A Baby? No Thanks

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So here are the highlights from a press release that arrived today,

“A Facebook game for moms! Baby & Me is a brand new social game everyone will love. Create your own virtual baby and mom and live the life of a ModernMom. Whether you’re planning a play-date or mom’s night out, it’s always new and exciting with Baby & Me! Play Now!

Ummm, are we missing something here? Aren’t we already doing that in real life? We can understand if you want to play a video game as an escape from your every day life – you know, where your avatar is a farmer or a mob boss, or a jewel thief. But dealing with a virtual kid as a form of entertainment? No thanks! Not much escapism there.

Maybe the problem is the game manufacturer is marketing to the wrong audience. Maybe they should target empty nesters, retirees or teenage boys (as long machine guns are an option for accessorizing your diaper bag.)

What do you think? Do you play any video games? Would you play a video game about being a mom and taking care of a baby? Please let us know we’re not crazy and completely out of touch with how moms spend their free time.