A mom caught serious flack from the internet after she posted about her toddler’s glow-up and said she was afraid she’d be “ugly” when she was a newborn

Listen, there’s just no way around this—sometimes babies come out looking like cute, normal humans, and sometimes they just don’t. Consider what they’ve been through: nine months in a cramped sack of liquid inside someone else’s body, a birth that may have included instruments that conified their heads, and a world where they have to learn to see, hear, cry, breathe. Like, cut newborns some slack if they look like potatoes. They have more important things to worry about.

One mom missed the memo, and posted a TikTok video where she shared a photo of her “ugly” newborn before cutting to a video of her very cute, present-day toddler. Momfluencer @brittikitty often posts about her life raising two young daughters, and this video was no exception—except it wasn’t well-received because as it turns out, telling the whole internet about your own kid’s glow-up is kind of an icky thing to do.

“Who stepped on my newborn?” she wrote in the caption. The pic of her daughter as a brand new baby looks like, well, a baby. But in text over the image, she added, “she’s gonna be ugly.”


Like, yikes. While some other parents found the video funny, there were a lot of comments calling @brittikitty out for this being so harsh.

“I can’t even imagine growing up and seeing my own mother posted that…it would destroy me,” one commenter wrote.

Another added, “When a kid’s parents are their first bullies.”

Some appalled parents even responded with videos of their own. TikTok mom @mom.uncharted posted a video response where she asked, “What type of parent posts a video like this publicly online?”


No child deserves this to be a part of their digital footprint. Kids are not content ❤️ #socialmedia #influencers #familyvlog #imo #greenscreen #fyp #greenscreenvideo #parents #kids #babies #toddlers #exploitation #exploitationawareness #sharenting #digitalfootprint #motherhood

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She continued, “I will tell you, parents who are exploiting their children.”

It really does point to caring way too much about your child’s looks, which are absolute not the most important thing about them. So how about instead of commenting on the looks of literal babies, we talk about their personalities? New skills they’re learning? How they smile and giggle in the cutest ways? Basically, anything other than how they look.

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