Kids Learn Financial Skills from Moms More Than Dads, According to Study

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It’s no big news that parenting styles vary between moms and dads. Turns out money is a topic that one parent might have more sway over their kids influence, at least according to a new study. A survey conducted by National Financial Educators Council, found that kids learn more about money from moms vs. dads.

National Financial Educators Council, researchers asked 1,200 participants around the country which parent taught them the most about money and financial responsibility. Twenty-eight percent of the respondents answered “mom” versus 24 percent who selected “dad.”

photo: andibreit via Pixabay

While the difference in parents was interesting, the real takeaway from the survey, according to the NFEC was that the biggest majority at 47.9 percent answered “neither” signaling the need for more financial lessons from parents. Only 24.9 percent of respondents said they felt very prepared to handle finances because of their parents.

The NFEC’s CEO, Vince Shorb said in a statement, “We encourage parents to take an active role in the financial education of their children.  Most kids will never receive any personal finance training at school – so parents it’s up to you to raise children that have the skills and knowledge that will help them work toward becoming self-sufficient adults.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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