A mortician is using TikTok to warn parents against using crib tents for their toddlers, but are they really that dangerous?

In theory, crib tents seem like a great idea. If you have a toddler who climbs out of their crib to roam the house at night, throwing a tent over them to keep them safely contained in bed ensures everyone (including you) gets the rest they need, right? Wrong, according to a mom and mortician on TikTok, who is warning parents that crib tents aren’t the right solution to this problem because of all the risks they pose to kids.

Lauren the Mortician, who is popular on TikTok for talking about “death, dying, and child safety” in her videos, posted this clip, where she talks about crib tents and whether they’re safe for toddlers.


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“I want you to know that children have died in these contraptions,” she says, explaining that kids can become trapped and tangled in the netting or between the tent and their mattress. She said kids have also suffered puncture wounds from the poles in the tents. Another danger she points out is that the satin ribbons holding the tent to the sides of the crib can slip loose easily. “Why they made them out of satin I’ll never know.”

She added, “I can’t stop you from using one of these. But if you are going to continue using it, it is crucial that you inspect this thing every single day before you put your child inside of it.”

A safer option, however, would be something like a sleep sack to prevent your toddler from climbing out of their crib, Lauren said. Or you could transition your child to a toddler bed if they’re ready.

Lauren isn’t alone in warning parents about crib tents. Consumer Reports also says that crib tents or any other type of netting should never be used on cribs and that toddlers who climb out of their cribs are safest in a toddler bed or on a mattress placed on the floor.

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