Gender-neutral baby names are on the rise. So which picks are the most popular? According to the website Net Credit, the answer depends on where you live.

If you’re on the hunt for a baby name that works for any gender, we’ve got options. Net Credit analyzed Social Security Administration from 1910 on in an effort to identify and map the top gender-neutral names in the United States.


photo: Courtesy of Net Credit

Over the past century, the gender-neutral name winners (across the country) were Casey, Riley and Jessie. Other top baby name choices include Billie, Gale, Pat, Marion, Leslie, Johnnie, Jackie, Kerry, Kim, Lynn, Tracy, Kris, Terry, Lee and Jamie.

Th top name by state for 2018, according to Net Credit, is:

Alabama: Charlie

Alaska Charlie

Arizona: Parker

Arkansas: Phoenix

California: Charlie

Colorado: Emerson

Connecticut: Hayden

District of Columbia: Parker

Delaware: Sawyer

Florida: Hayden

Georgia: Parker

Hawaii: Royal

Idaho: Charlie

Illinois: Rowan

Indiana: Emerson

Iowa: Finley

Kansas: Sawyer

Kentucky: River

Louisiana: Peyton

Maine: Riley

Maryland: Sawyer

Massachusetts: Finely

Michigan: Emerson

Minnesota: Rowan

Mississippi: Parker

Missouri: Phoenix

Montana: Sawyer

Nebraska: Rowan

Nevada: Rowan

New Hampshire: Finley

New Jersey: Charlie

New Mexico: Azariah

New York: Ariel

North Carolina: Finley

North Dakota: Rowan

Ohio: Remington

Oklahoma: Remington

Oregon: Rowan

Pennsylvania: Hayden

Rhode Island: Quinn

South Carolina: Charlie

South Dakota: Riley

Tennessee: Charlie

Texas: Parker

Utah: Charlie

Vermont: Rowan

Virginia: Hayden

Washington Finley

West Virginia: River

Wisconsin: Finley

Wyoming: Peyton

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Public Domain Pictures via Pixabay




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