What Is Your Perfect Mothers Day Gift Idea?

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No one can argue that a growing collection of carefully crafted macaroni necklaces and a handful of flowers from the garden (dirt still attached of course!) are wonderful ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. But in a perfect world, what would be the best gift you could wish for this coming Mother’s Day?

We’re putting together a totally awesome list of real mom gift ideas and want to hear from you! It can be anything from an extra hour of sleep, to a weekend getaway at a fabulous spa. If we use your idea we’ll send you a  super cute Red Tricycle kiddie t-shirt, a Starbucks gift card, and some other Mother’s Day goodies to help celebrate your mommyhood this year.

To add your two cents, log in to Facebook and add a comment below. Don’t have a Facebook account? Don’t worry! You can email us your suggestion as well.