Now it’s even easier to find family-friendly Halloween movies on Netflix

The spooky season is upon us but for families with young kids, it can be challenging to find festive content that won’t give your kids nightmares. Thankfully, Netflix has made it easy to hone in on family-friendly Halloween content with a simple tool: secret codes.

When you use the codes, you’ll be able to instantly have access to specific topics like Halloween favorites and teen screen films. Here’s how to get searching.

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Copy and paste the following into the URL bar of your browser: Then replace “CODE” with one of the numerical codes from the list below for the category you want.



Family-friendly Halloween Films (81346195)

Halloween Favorites (movies and TV shows) (108663/81336575)

Teen Halloween Films (52147)

Zombie Halloween Films (75405)

Sci-Fi Horror Films (1694)

Horror Comedies (89585)


More Halloween Codes

British Horror Movies (4991)

Creature Features (6895)

Critically-acclaimed Horror Movies (3721)

Dark Films (9280)

Experimental Horror Movies (2626)

German Horror Movies (4021)

Haunted Horror Movies (81476889)

High Brow Horror (3261672)

Horror Films Based on Books (1751)

Horror Anime (10695)

Indie Psychological Horror Movies (3880)

Modern Horror Classics (81336552)

Monster Movies (947)

Psychological Horror Movies (4809)

Quirky Horror Movies (729)

Revenge Films (4903)

Small Town Scary Movies (51496215)

Slasher and Serial Killer Films (8646)

Supernatural Horror Movies (42023)

Survival Horror (2939659)

Vampire Horror Movies (75804)

Werewolf Horror Movies 75930)

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Halloween isn’t the only season where you can utilize secret codes to find content fast. There’s also a ton of holiday codes and codes to find year-round family films, workouts, films by genre like dinosaurs and princesses, not to mention plenty of teen drama and comedies.

If you want even more codes, check out What’s On Netflix’s extensive list that includes Oscar collections, main genres and more.

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