New On Our Shelf: “Myrto” by John Biggs

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You’ll want to share in the adventure of John Biggs’ debut young adult novel, Mytro, with your kids this summer. Hop on board the secret subway with them for a spectacular ride. This story is packed with suspense, history, and unexpected friendships and heroes. The Mytro is a train system that defies time and space, taking passengers to near and far off destinations in mere seconds — and has been in secret operation throughout human history.

Your kids will delight in Paul (nicknamed Turtle), the lonely, orphaned middle-schooler who stumbles upon a secret Mytro station in Central Park and the resulting friendship he makes with the elegant, Spanish Agata and the kind-hearted Nigerian boy, Ehioze. And parents will appreciate the family-oriented themes of love and friendship as the trio traverse continents together to save Agata’s family from evildoers bent on controlling the Mytro. Along the way, you’ll discover that the Mytro is tended to by Nayzuns, an underground creature inexplicably akin to humans, and studied by the Mytratti — a historic group of scientists (Einstein included) devoted to the secret.

Bigg’s knack for suspense will keep you flipping pages fast to see if the kids can keep one stop ahead of the frightening villains, so best keep this novel on your young adult’s Kindle and out of the hands of tots — there’s no little red caboose in back of this train.

Kindle edition available at for .99 cents

Written by: Maureen McDowell