New Product Lets You Set Different Temperature for Each Side of Your Bed

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photo: Smartduvet

If you’re like us, sometimes sharing a bed can be uncomfortable. One person wants to snuggle under a pile of blankets, while the other is trying to adjust the sheet to give juuuuust enough coverage, while poking limbs out to breathe. Now, Smartduvet, the makers of the “self-making bed” cover, are introducing a solution.

The Smartduvet Breeze allows users to individually set the temperature on either side of the bed using a smartphone app. Like the original Smartduvet, it uses a small, automatic device to fill up an inflatable sheet that sits between the duvet and the duvet cover, lifting the duvet smoothly back to the “made” position.  In the new model, a smaller network of air channels delivers air that circulates between you and the duvet to cool you via evaporation, or heated air to warm you, depending on the setting.

The company suggests Breeze could also lower energy household consumption, because instead of cooling or heating the entire home for a good night’s sleep, users could cool their bodies directly.

The Smartduvet Breeze is available in various bed sizes on IndieGoGo.

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