13 New Healthy Snacks for Summer

Healthy, easy-to-grab healthy snacks for kids make the summer easier. We’ve gathered up 13 snacks you can toss in your beach bag, stock up on for road trips, or pass out for a little post-water fight fuel. From protein-packed bars to sly veggie-filled options, we guarantee you’ll find something that’ll keep your kiddos full of energy for summertime adventures. Keep reading to discover them all.

That's It Apple & Mango Bars

That's It

New this summer, the super tart and yummy Apple & Mango combo, as well as Apple + Blueberry and Apple + Strawberry all fit perfectly in the That's It family of delicious paleo-friendly fruit bars. Each bar provides two servings of fruit, plus they are big on fiber and low on the glycemic index. They are all made with non GMO fruit and no preservatives or added sugar. But the best part is they taste so good your kids will ask for them again and again: it's like a fruit leather got together with a chewy granola bar and had a love child.  

Get them at thatsitfruit.com; 5 bars for $8.99

UpWild Superfood Smoothies

Superfoods, unite! We love the smoothies from UpWild because they pack in a ton of good stuff for your body (chia, turmeric, probiotics, pea protein and more) and are loaded with protein to keep your busy kids fuller longer. From the rich and creamy mocha melt to berry bombe that's bursting with flavor, add this snack to your bag of parenting tricks. 

Available at UpWild, $35.94 for a six-pack ($5.99 each)

Simply7 with Giada Popcorn

Simply7 with Giada

The three flavors of Simply7's new popcorn—Sea Salt & Olive Oil, Butter, and Parmesan Cheese—offer up a perfectly delicious crunchy snack. Both the Butter and Sea Salt flavors have zero sugar, so it's an awesome option for parents looking to cut down on the sweet stuff. Plus, a portion of the proceeds support female farmers. 
Available at amazon.com from $3.00 per bag.

Ozery Bakery Snacking Rounds

Ozery Bakery

New Ozery Snacking Rounds flavors—Cocoa Banana and Cocoa Cherry—are like a slightly healthier take on a chocolate chip muffin. With three grams of sugar and 60 calories per round, it's a snack you can feel good about. They make for an easy on-the-go breakfast, too!
Available at ozerybakery.com, $3.99 - $4.59.

CLIF Kid Zbar


CLIF Kid Zbar are a staple kid snack. Brand-new flavors—Banana filled with Chocolate Peanut Butter and Caramel Chocolate—offer up a sweet snack without the guilt of a candy bar. Plus, they're made with whole-grain oats and other nutritious stuff.
Available at clifbar.com, $1.19 per bar.

KIND Fruit Bites


Make the switch from sugary fake fruity gummy snacks to KIND fruit bites. KIND makes them with real fruit, no added sugars and in super yummy flavors like Strawberry Cherry Apple and Pineapple Mango Apple. These are a great pack-able fruit alternative to raisins that won't get mushy in a backpack.
Available at kindsnacks.com, $17.09 for 20 pouches.

bare Sea Salt Carrot Chips


Go beyond dried cranberries and freeze-dried apples to a veggie option that you can toss in the car for summer adventures, no refrigeration required. bare's Sea Salt Carrot Chips are just plain delicious and have nothing more than carrots and sea salt as ingredients. For kiddos that crave a flavor punch, bare offers barbecue and ranch carrot chips, too! An awesome potato chip alternative.
Available at baresnacks.com, $4.29 per bag.

Enjoy Life Grain + Seed Bars

Enjoy Life's Grain and Seed Bars are crispy, allergy-friendly and gluten-free snacks that pack a dose of protein and a nice crunch. The Maple Sweet Potato flavor has an ounce of sweetness that makes it especially delicious.

Available at enjoylife.com, $4.69 per box.

Sprout White Cheddar Curlz Multipack

Sprout Organic Foods

Sprout's White Cheddar Curlz are crunchy puffs with cheesy deliciousness. They now come in easy-to-grab mini bags made for summer snacking. Sprout uses ingredients you can feel good about—chickpeas and lentils. Though these are made for toddlers, bigger kids love this snack, too. Also, check out the Sweet Potato Cinnamon Curls that tastes like a snickerdoodle.
Available at amazon.com, $4.29 per box.

Garden Lites Ninja Power Muffins

Garden Lites

The first ingredient in Garden Lites Ninja Power Muffins: zucchini! These gluten-free and veggie-packed muffins are guaranteed to bring turtle power to snack time. They're easy to defrost—just leave them out for an hour and a half on the counter, and you'll be ready to feed hungry kids come snack time.

Available at thehealthfoodstore.com, $32 for 24 muffins. Also available in local grocery stores, $4.99 for a box of six muffins.

Chef's Cut Real Jerky - Mini Sticks

Chefs Cut Real Jerky

Chef's Cut Real Jerky offers mini meat sticks in Original Smokehouse and Barbecue flavors are yummy crowd-pleasers with 7-8 grams of protein per serving. They're perfect for kid-sized appetites. For kids with more adventurous palates, Chef's Cut also has protein snack packs in new Teriyaki & Pepper Jack flavor that make a good start for a lunch.
Available at chefscutrealjerky.com, $49.95 for 56 mini sticks.



ONE's protein-packed bars make for an on-the-go breakfast or a hearty afternoon snack. The new Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake flavor offers a yummy salty-sweet mix. Each bar has an amazing 20 grams of protein and only a single gram of sugar, and they're gluten-free, too.

Available at one1brands.com, $27.99 for a box of 12.

Good Culture Cottage Cheese

You'll love everything about Good Culture's on-the-go portions of cottage cheese. Made with Clean Label ingredients, there are no gums, thickeners, carrageenan, additives or preservatives and Good Culture uses grass-fed milk from pasture-raised cows on sustainable family farms. Choose from plain, blueberry, pineapple or strawberry, and you'll enjoy 16 grams (or more!) of protein in just a single serving.

Available at Target (in stores only).

—Oz Spies


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