One of the best things about being a parent in NYC is the dizzying number of options of all things kid-related. This is never more true than when it comes to “Mommy & Me” classes. Even if the idea of sitting around in a circle and singing with other parents and kids makes you cringe (you’re not alone, by the way), there is a class out there you will actually enjoy. (Your kid?: They’ll love it.) We’ve rounded up more than a dozen classes to take with your tot, from tummy time to sign language to all kinds of music to get you and the kid movin’ and groovin’. (Daddies are of course welcome, too.) Click on through to find your perfect match!

For that Pre-Verbal Stage: Signing Up

Did you know that infants can be taught to tell you when they are hungry, sleepy or in need of a diaper change by using simple signs? Imagine how much easier it is to raise or teach a baby who can communicate their wants and needs to you, instead of guessing what their tears or tantrums may mean! According to Signing Up LLC, research shows signing improves communication and bonding between parent and child, and babies who have learned baby sign language have better social and language skills as well as increased fine motor skills among other benefits. Workshops are led by instructor Melissa, and cover how to get started with Baby Sign Language, what to do, key strategies for success, and the signs most relevant to babies. Don’t live in NYC or want to learn more? You can subscribe to the instructional videos on the Signing Up Website. First video is free; you can subscribe to the remaining 4 videos; each video is 10-15 minutes long.

Be in the Know: Signing Up also does private workshops, where a small group of families (apr. 5 -8 families) host a workshop in the comfort of their own homes. Parents select the guests, date, and time. Plus, instructor Melissa is available for follow-up questions via phone or email once the session is over.

Location: Brooklyn Embodied , Hootenanny Art House. Mind Body Soul Yoga in Washington Heights, City Treehouse and more.

Cost: $50 for Individual + Baby, $60 for Couple + Baby; no extra charge for twins. (It’s a one-time fee as it is a one-off workshop that meets almost all families’ needs in terms of teaching their infants successfully.)



photo: courtesy Signing Up, LLC



What’s your favorite baby or toddler class around town? Tell us in the comments below!

— Rachel Sokol

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