Go On a Dinosaur Safari at the Bronx Zoo

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You’ve probably been to the Bronx Zoo before and marveled over monkeys, cooed over tiger cubs and gazed at gazelles. But this summer, a new exhibit is opening up with a selection of species you’ve never seen before – dinosaurs! Opening Saturday, May 25, Dinosaur Safari will take you and your family back in time, all the way back in time to the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods. Keep reading to learn more about this cool new zoo attraction.

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Dig In
While most of the Bronx Zoo’s exhibits are live, wild animals, this latest attraction features animatronic creatures. We assure you they are no less amazing to kiddos though. You’ll hop aboard a paleontologist’s wagon and cruise through more than two-dozen animatronic dinosaurs housed in two acres of the Zoo. They snarl, spit, roar, and move much to your kid’s delight, and even though it might feel a little like Jurassic Park, there is a zero percent chance of any of the safari’s stars coming to life and picking your Jeep up off the ground. Which ones will you see? The Tyrannosaurus rex, Baryonyx, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops and many more, some of which are up to 40-feet long!

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More Dino-mite Fun 
As if riding through a prehistoric land chock ful of dinos isn’t enough fun for your brood, there’s other activities and fun to be had at Dinosaur Safari.

Don’t miss Adaptations! A Dinosaur Musical, which plays Wed.-Sun., at various times between 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm. You’ll watch the song-filled show about a tortoise and two future paleontologists who go back in time to help dinosaurs survive for millions of years and of course, they have a run in with a gigantic T. Rex.

Each month and weekend brings a different lineup of other activities including Meet & Greets such as costumed characters Sid and Scrat from Ice Age and James Gurney, author and illustrator of the popular Dinotopia series; crafts such as digging for and assembling a dino to take home; and special exhibits. You know what that means right? You may have to go on this Safari more than once!

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Good to Know
If your schedule allows, visit the dinos on a Monday or Tuesday to get 20 percent off your ticket. Speaking of your ticket, it’s good for so much more beyond Dinosaur Safari. Make an entire day out of your trek up to the Bronx Zoo and be sure to see all the fun exhibits including the Butterfly Garden, Children’s Zoo, Wild Asia Monorail, Bug Carousel, Gorilla Forest and 4D Theater.

The dinosaurs are only sticking around until September 8, 2013, so be sure to put this exhibit on your must-do list this summer.

While strollers are absolutely allowed, if you don’t feel like trekking with yours on the subway, you can rent one for $10 (or a double for $15) once you get there.

Dino Details
Bronx Zoo
2300 Southern Boulevard
Bronx, Ny 10460

Cost: $33.95/adults, $23.95/kids ages 3-12, free for kids under age 3
Hours: Mon.-Fri., 10:00 am – 5:00 pm; Weekends & Holidays.,10:00 am – 5:30 pm

— Julie Seguss

Photo credit: Julie Larsen Maher © Wildlife Conservation Society