8 Awesome Outdoor Artworks to See On the High Line

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Since having kids, your days of strolling through Chelsea art galleries may be temporarily on hold. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still experience cutting-edge and contemporary art with your kids. Dotted along the High Line, right above all those art galleries, you’ll find a ton of public outdoor art that’s fun, free and forward-looking like the clever Sheep Station, a gas station turned faux sheep grazing pasture. And because this outdoor kid-friendly Chelsea art tour is like an open-air gallery, you and the kids will be outside and you won’t have to shush them once.

Gilbert & George, Waking

The Art: Gilbert & George are a British art duo, and their Gilbert & George, Waking is a mammoth self-portrait overlooking a parking lot on 10th Avenue. This 75-foot-wide billboard is a recreation of the British artists’ 1984 mural of the same name, which is part of Guggenheim Bilbao’s permanent collection.

Fun for Kids: The artwork’s gigantic size will stop kids in their tracks. They’ll love the intense colors of Joker green, cherry bomb red and Charm pop blue

See It: 10th Avenue between West 18th and West 19th Streets. Now through October 1.

All images courtesy of Alice Perry

-Alice Perry