Resistance is futile: if you’ve got a kid, at some point in their festive lives, you’re going to have to hire a face-painter. NYC is home to tons of talented folks ready to turn little party animals into a princess, a tiger, a superhero — you name it. And because we live in a creative capital, many have backgrounds in fine art, makeup artistry, performance, etc. (All of the artists featured here use FDA-approved, water-based hypo-allergenic paints, as well as skin-safe glitters.) Click through to see our roundup of NYC’s best face-painters, and note that many come with their own squad for face-painting en masse!

Sheila J Faces

A mom who raised three kids on the Upper East Side, Sheila Jordan didn't get into face-painting until her teenage son wanted to be a 'living statue' in Central Park. He asked his makeup artist mom for some help with gold body paint. "I did the research and supplied him with what he needed to be the 'Golden Guy' statue who played the ukulele when you gave him change. As I did the research on this type of makeup, I found that it is much more pigmented than regular makeup but also closer in product details to make up than 'paint." Thus begun Jordan's years of obsession with face and body painting. "There are so many aspects of this business that I love. Most of all, I love expression on someone's face, both and young and old, when they are transformed into something amazing to behold."

Good to know: Sheila also specializes in formal makeup for special occasions, and body painting. Additionally, she’s certified in aesthetic camouflage and runs Flawless Freedom Project; a program for people with scars, burns, birth defects who are looking to use makeup to increase their comfort in public.

Sheila J Faces

photo: courtesy Sheila Jordan


Cover photo: Face Art by Melissa

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– Rachel Sokol

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