Just Opened: Queens Indoor Playground Peek-a-Booo

This has been a great year for new play spaces in the Q-borough—and we can add yet another one to the list! The recently-opened Peek-A-Booo (yes, with 3 Os) is an indoor playground in the heart of Flushing, Queens, and is a must-visit for kids 7 and under. There was some early buzz about this place, so we decided to see what all the fuss was about. Our verdict? When your 4-year-old sobs because they do not want to leave, it’s a good indicator about how much they enjoyed. Check out our review below!

It’s Huuuuuge! 
The 6,000 ft., ground-level Peek-A-Booo was founded by Yiejie (EJ) Wang, a Queens parent who previously operated a liquor store and really wanted to open a business that welcomed kids from all over the city—and was also a place where she could safely bring her son. Wang found the empty retail space in Flushing, and officially opened Peek-A-Booo (which has three o’s simply because, “it’s cute!”) in February.

You park your stroller to the left of the main entrance, stick your shoes in cubbies up front, and enter the very soft, padded indoor playground in just your socks. (You can purchase a pair for $2 if you or your kid forgets them.) Parents must sign a waiver for their kids, and everyone is encouraged to use hand sanitizer at the counter, before entering the space through a gate.

Overall, everything at Peek-A-Booo screams, “fun!”  The place is whimsical, inviting, and safe, with lots to do; it was constructed to meet all New York City safety standards and is also very colorful. (Wang says she wanted to make sure the various colors and overall aesthetic of the place photographed nicely when parents snapped pics of their kids having fun.)

Not One, But Two Ball Pits
The venue’s most popular attractions are its two—yes, two—huge ball-pits. The first one visitors encoutner has an interactive digital “video game” along its back wall that allows kids and parents alike to toss plastic ball-pit balls at the screen to ‘hit’ targets of creatures and emjois. Kids can also ride a purple slide into the mass of yellow, green, and orange balls.

The rear ball-pit features a central house structure in the middle that kids can climb into. There’s also a large ‘treehouse’ next to the first ball-pit with a wide slide that changes color and designs when you and your kids slide down.

Other must-dos include a trampoline with a swing, large, plastic cars to ride, and many climbing structures.

Kids can also play around in a large, closed-in sandpit complete with sand toys in its own little section. (Fancy feature: little lights make it look like little crabs and snakes are inside the sand in a fun not creepy way.)

While there’s a lot to enjoy here, Wang plans to incorporate a new play structure or set of toys every few weeks for variety.

Stay in Your Lane
For younger kids ages three and under, an area in the rear of the space has soft blocks, smaller climbing structures, mini basketball hoops, riding toys, and is also well-padded like the rest of the space.

The separation of the older kids and younger kids is a very nice touch; it prevents excited, older kids from racing around toddlers, and allows for toddlers and younger kids to have their own designated, private area to frolic. Also in the rear of Peek-A-Boo are more climbing structures and animal-shaped, car-like (solid) plastic structures to ‘ride.’

Employees walk around the venue making sure the space is clean and keeping an eye on the kids. But note: This is not a drop-off space; kids must be accompanied by an adult, and children should be seven or younger.

Party On, Kid!
Yes, they do birthdays, and the party room is located right in the center of the space. Packages range from $380 to $799 for kids 7 and under. Celebrations include playtime, food, cake, and your choice of party theme.

Note: When parties are held, either on weekdays or weekends, the space does not close down completely just for the party; instead the birthday child and their young guests are given a special bracelet and/or stamp to be ID’d. (However, just one party is held at a time.)

Basic But Important
Peek-A-Booo has two on-site bathrooms, and one has a changing table. There’s also a little section with tables and chairs for snack time, however, no food or drink is permitted near the ball-pits, climbing structures, and games.

In the future, Wang hopes to incorporate a mini cafe with coffee and teas, but for now the only food available for purchase on site are snacks, juices, and water, so if you plan on spending a few hours at Peek-A-Booo, bring along some food and expect to eat it in the designated snack section.

When we visited from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on a weekday, it was not too crowded at all, but it’s recommended you call ahead to make sure there’s space to play. especially on weekends.

The Price of Play
For now, pricing is as follows: A monthly membership is $99; Quarterly is $199, yearly is $399. “Punch cards” are also available for purchase for $200; after 10 sessions, you get 3 visits free.

There is a drop-in “all-day” fee of $25 for one child and one adult; it’s an additional $10 per adult. With the $25 all-day ticket, there’s no time limit on how long you can stay and play for the morning and/or afternoon. Hourly, it’s $15 per hour for one kid and one adult.

Cash or credit cards are accepted.

At press time, Peek-A-Booo was still new, so there is no official web site as of yet, but keep an eye on it’s Facebook page for updates and specials. (Prices and hours may adjust in the coming weeks/months.)

Currently, Peek-a-boo is open from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., which is nice because if your kid needs to burn off some energy after school, stop on by, it’s worth the subway ride on the 7, or the drive.

135-17 Northern Blvd.
Flushing, Queens
Online: facebook.com

Have you dropped by Peek-A-Boo? Tell us what you thought in the comments!

—Rachel Sokol


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