Just Opened: Treat House on the Upper West Side

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It’s one thing to dream of opening a shop that sells mostly Rice Krispie Treats. It’s quite another to do it and do it well. One step into Treat House, which opened earlier this month, and you’ll never want to eat a run of the mill Rice Krispie Treat ever again (FYI: At the ‘House’ they call ‘em simply ‘rice treats’). Read on to find out why this new shop is worth a trip to the Upper West Side.


Why is Treat House So Sweet?

Created by Jennifer and Chris Russell (she’s a preschool teacher and he’s a 20-year NYC restaurant veteran and former Moomba co-founder) in honor of their two elementary-school-aged kids, Daniel and Eli, who created treats, in flavors like Dark Chocolate Chili to Bubble Gum, to raise money for a charitable school project (and found customers coming back for seconds and thirds), Treat House—a ‘gourmet crisped rice treat emporium’—amps up this humble bake sale fave to pastry-chef proportions, thanks to the magic of Wendy Israel, the award-winning pastry chef creating these gluten-free, Kosher delicacies in the kitchen at the back of the house.


What You’ll Find at Treat House

If you ever thought the bar on Rice Krispie Treats was just waiting to be raised, then visit here and sample gourmet versions like Birthday Cake, Chocolate Raspberry, Bubble Gum (complete with a piece of original Bazooka on top), Caramel Sea Salt and Red Velvet. These aren’t the ginormous squares you may be used to, but that’s okay by us since these (prices start at $2.25 each) are just sweet enough to satisfy.


Why You Should Visit Treat House Right Now

We love that you can settle in at one of the tables up front of this 700-square-foot space and tuck into something delicious (the chef also whips up gooey homemade marshmallows (made using raw cane sugar—never corn syrup), ice cream bars and breakfast bars). The space blends a little country (there’s a sitting area in the back with a real porch swing, scattered tree stumps and more than enough chalk to draw designs on the blackboard wall) and a little city (props to the owners for serving the ever-energizing Stumptown Coffee). The thing we love most is that ten cents of every treat purchase will be donated to Food Bank for New York City, a hunger-relief organization working to end food poverty throughout the five boroughs. Who could argue with that!

Insider Tip: While the store is stroller friendly (you can roll your stroller right in and park it next to your table in the front part of the shop), you have to access the bathroom via the kitchen which won’t work so well if your child has an immediate need to use the restroom.


Treat House
452 Amsterdam Avenue (between 81st and 82nd Streets)
Upper West Side

–Lambeth Hochwald
Photos courtesy of Noah Fecks