Why Families Are Obsessed with Nickelodeon’s Newest Show “Abby Hatcher”

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photo: Spin Master Entertainment

You want a show that you can trust and they want a storyline that’s fun and captivating. With Nickelodeon’s brand-new show, Abby Hatcher (created and produced by Spin Master Entertainment), nobody has to compromise. New this year on Nickelodeon from PAW Patrol producers, Abby Hatcher has already zoomed its way into the hearts of families everywhere with its action-packed plot lines, light-hearted antics and Abby Hatcher herself who is compassionate and determined—in other words, the perfect role model for your kiddos. Read on to discover why Abby Hatcher is the “fuzztastic” new preschool show your kids need now.

Who Abby Is & Why You’ll Love Her
Abby Hatcher is one smart, daring girl with a big, nurturing heart and plenty of tricks up her short sleeves. The cool thing about Abby is that she isn’t your typical superheroine—and that’s just the way she likes it. The new show follows Abby as she aims to create an inclusive community for one and all with her acceptance of everyone and eternal optimism.

About These Things Called “Fuzzlies”
Fuzzlies are amazing and quirky creatures that live in Abby’s family’s hotel. Abby, the accepting and optimistic girl that she is, has always known that Fuzzlies are real—it was just a matter of finding them! And lucky for Abby, the grand hotel happens to be full of Fuzzly hideouts. Abby quickly catches Fuzzly friends in each of its nooks and passageways and soon bonds with Bozzly, the cuddly Fuzzly she’s always wanted (and Abby’s the BFF he’s always wanted, too).

In order to help all Fuzzlies and humans live together in harmony, Abby gets to know each of the Fuzzlies’ unique abilities. Your kids will get to know Princess Flug, a regal slug who shimmers with (and sprays!) slime, three-armed Otis who pushes buttons in every sense of the phrase, a colorful chorus of Squeaky Peepers, and many Fuzzlies for preschoolers to catch onto right along with Abby.

Several of the Fuzzlies are learning how to manage big emotions—something parents of preschoolers are all too familiar with. How Abby deals with each of the Fuzzlies’ quirky traits is a great teaching moment for parents and preschoolers alike.

photo: Spin Master Entertainment

What Makes Abby a Good Role Model
Even when the Fuzzlies may cause Abby some frustration, her ability to stay positive aids her in her quest to help each Fuzzly find a place in the hotel. While Abby “gears up” with gadgets like a Fuzzly-Spotter Watch that tracks fuzzlies and opens secret passageways, it’s her kindness and persistence that are her real superpowers. Watching Abby as she stays positive while overcoming challenges is a great lesson for preschoolers to take back to the playground and classroom.

Why Abby Hatcher Is Especially Great for Preschoolers
Preschoolers are like sponges—every day they’re learning new cognitive and social emotional skills, from developing emotional intelligence on the playground with their friends to tying their shoes and telling time. As your preschooler navigates the transition from family to the larger world beyond, Abby’s fierce determination and ever-present optimism will help your kiddo learn up from down and right from wrong.

Abby Hatcher, Nick. Jr.

photo: Spin Master Entertainment

You’ll love that Abby models empathy and effort at every turn. When she isn’t doing all she can on her own to understand the Fuzzlies and what they want or need, she and Bozzly are teaming up to find solutions around the hotel. Your preschooler will watch Abby think through her problem-solving process, try and try again, and be consistently motivated to help her community. This show takes that social emotional knowledge to the next level, with Abby Hatcher showing us just how fun and rewarding it is to be inclusive.


Check out the trailer to this new show below:

photo: Spin Master Entertainment

Nickelodeon is kicking off weekdays at 10 a.m. with fun-filled original content your kids will love. Beginning in February, new episodes of Abby Hatcher will air again at 10:30 a.m., Monday-Thursday. Catch clips and episodes of the show here anytime and get to know Abby better by checking out her YouTube playlist!

— Jennifer Massoni Pardini

all photos courtesy of Spin Master Entertainment