Cue the fireworks—it’s time for 4th of July crafts! 

Get into the patriotic spirit by getting crafty with the kids. We’ve gathered up a bunch of easy, festive Fourth of July crafts that will give your Independence Day a little extra oomph. They’re super simple and you probably have a lot of stuff on hand already. From DIY noisemakers to star-spangled slime, and even 4th of July crafts for toddlers, scroll down to see them all!

Fourth of July Painted Rocks

A sweet, simple way to celebrate the Independence Day. Kids can paint them in advance and hide them around your neighborhood for their friends to find.

Patriotic Popsicle Stick Garland

Check out the quick video above, and add this to your list of easy Fourth of July crafts.

Firework Rings

One of the best use of pipe cleaners we’ve seen in a while, this is another easy and fun project to add to your list of Fourth of July crafts for kids!

Paper Plate Purses

Your kids will be the most fashionable ones at the Fourth of July Parade with these simple paper plate purses from Pink Stripey Socks.

4th of July Firework Craft

Your kids will love the creative freedom of this craft and you’ll love the easy clean up. They can use the Q-tip to make fireworks with dots, lines, swirls, or anything they come up with.

Paper Towel Print Firework Craft

This simple firework craft is one of our favorite 4th of July crafts. It requires almost zero skills, takes little time, and is always fun for kids.

Coffee Filter Fireworks

This coffee filter craft is a simple and fun craft for your kids! Simply have them draw their firework design on the coffee filter, cut the edges, and spritz with water.

4th of July Fuzzy Patriotic Crowns

a picture of a little girl wearing fourth of july crafts
Craft Project Ideas

We love 4th of July crafts that are not only cute but easy! These require one supply—fuzzy pipe cleaners in patriotic colors, so you know they won’t take long. Get all the details from Craft Project Ideas. 

Rocket Launchers

a rocket launcher made from paper cups and rubber bands as a fourth of July craft

Gather up cups and rubber bands and in minutes you’ll be watching a fire-free backyard rocket-launch contest. We love that this is an interactive, fun activity that you can do before darkness falls. Check out the easy-peasy way to make your own rocket launchers at KiwiCo’s blog.


Patriotic Paper Chain

red, white and blue paper chain for a 4th of July craft
A Pumpkin and a Princess

We love this paper chain from A Pumpkin and a Princess because it’s so easy to make with the little ones. Drape this 4th of July craft over your mantle or table for an extra festive touch.

Firecracker Noisemakers

Metal cans decorated red, white and blue to look like firecrackers for a 4th of July craft
Paging Supermom

Let freedom ring with these firecracker noisemakers. The project comes together in less than five minutes and will have your whole crew celebrating in style. Grab a metal can, wrap it in a patriotic pattern from Paging Supermom, and then get ready for serious noise. 

Statue of Liberty Accessories

A Paper crown and torch like the Statue of Liberty as a fourth of July craft
Buggy and Buddy

America’s gal comes to life with this patriotic craft from Buggy and Buddy. Drama kings and queens will love getting the chance to dress up as the Statue of Liberty and parade around with a crown and torch. 

4th of July in a Jar

red, white and blue glitter in a jar to look like fireworks for a fourth of July craft
504 Main

Capture the spirit of Independence Day in a jar with this whimsical no-fire fireworks craft from 504 Main. It reminds us of a patriotic snow globe! 

Flags for the 4th

Cupcake liners colored to look like the American flag for a fourth of July craft
Make and Takes

This fun craft from Make and Takes will have everyone begging to sit at the kids' table. Leftover paper plates make the perfect canvas for this after-dinner activity. 

Red, White, and Blue Windchime

Metal cans painted like the American flag for a fourth of July craft
Creative Green Living

Forgo the craft store and instead scavenge materials for this eco-friendly project directly from your recycling bin. Using basic tools and a little craft paint, Carissa at Creative Green Living transformed tin cans into a festive and functional wind chime for the backyard.

Star Stained Glass Window Decal

A patriotic window suncatcher in a star shape for a fourth of July craft
Kinder Craze

Maria of Kinder Craze created this awesome project to get her kindergarten class into the stars-and-stripes spirit. Your kids will love layering the red, white, and blue tissue paper to create their own “stained glass” window, and this colorful 4th of July craft doubles as great window décor for your celebration. 

Spark-less Sparkler

A plastic handle with red, white and blue metallic material gathered at the end to look like a sparkler as a fourth of July craft
Merriment Design

While the ’80s kid in us still mourns for real-deal sparklers (the fiery kind), the 21st-century parent in us is totally relieved that it’s no longer acceptable to send your kids out with fire sticks. That said, we’re thrilled to get our sparkler fix with a super cool craft like this sparkless sparkler from Merriment Design. Break out the chopsticks, ribbon, and party garland, then craft your way to the coolest, safest sparkler around. 

Super Cute Centerpieces

Cupcake liners connected to straws to become fourth of July craft flowers
Fireflies and Mudpies

We love a craft that does double duty, and these cute cupcake liner flowers from Fireflies and Mudpies do just that. They would make a fun centerpiece for any backyard BBQ, and the kids will love that their 4th of July crafts are taking center stage. 


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