The Best Organizational Tools for New Parents

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Managing your own schedule is complicated enough. And once a baby comes along, all order can break down quickly if new parents don't get organized. Read on for the best tools to help everyone stay on track.  

Google Nest

Google Nest


Google Nest may be the ultimate organizational tool for new parents because it can be used hands-free and can sync with other devices. Just tell Google to add milk to your shopping list or to add a pediatrician's appointment to the calendar. Then you can access the information at the grocery store or when you sit down at your computer to schedule a work meeting. It can also be used to set alarms and reminders to buy more diapers. Even better, because the Nest is run by Google, it's a great way to access just about any information you may need from how to make homemade baby food to what to expect at your baby's six month check-up.


Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

$249.95 BUY NOW

Fitbit may have stated as a fitness tracker but it has evolved into a device to help with managing life. The Sense can synch with your calendar to send reminders directly to your wrist so you never miss a thing. You can also use your Sense to answer calls and read texts. If your new Mom brain means you sometimes leave the house without your credit card or Starbucks card don't worry! You can store your cards on your watch so they are always with you. Another great thing about the Sense is that it lasts almost a week on a single charge. 



Echo Show 15

$250 BUY NOW

The Echo Show 15 is an Alexa-enabled digital command center. Thanks to its huge screen, it can display calendars, reminders, your shopping list, the weather and more at a glance. Each family member can select which widgets are most useful to them. Or, create an integrated family system. You can also use your Echo Show to monitor who's at your front door, get notified when your Amazon packages have been delivered, and listen to music or stream your favorite shows. Bonus: Mount the Echo Show on a wall or place it on a table with a tilt stand and use it as a digital picture frame when you're not using it to stay organized! 


The Skylight Calendar

$159 BUY NOW

A Skylight Calendar is a great way to display everyone's schedule in one place. This digital touch-screen frame allows you to input items into your calendar via an app and color code them by person or type of event. That makes it easy to tell at a glance who is supposed to be where when. As a bonus, the Skylight can also be used to display photos so you can use it for décor - and don't need to worry about nosy visitors finding out about your doctors' appointments and work meetings.   

Plum Paper

Plum Paper Custom Planners

$35+ BUY NOW

Even in a digital world, sometimes there is no substitute for a great paper organizer.  Plum Paper is a great option because it's completely customizable so you are guaranteed to find a configuration that works for your family. Weather you prefer a monthly, daily or weekly view you can find the perfect planner with plenty of space for ideas and notes. It's even possible to put a family picture on the cover! 

Mustard Made

Lowdown Locker from Mustard Made

$329 BUY NOW

New parents learn quickly that once a baby hits the scene the paperwork multiples. To keep the clutter under control, parents need one place to stash all of the fliers that come home from daycare and the formula coupons that arrive in the mail. An adorable locker from Mustard Made not only provides a great way to hide a stack of forms to fill out and bills to pay, but it also adds a pop of color to your home. Fill it with some clear organizers for the ultimate in organization.



Wall Organizer from 1Thrive

$119+ BUY NOW

Every busy parent needs a command center! 1Thrive can handle anything life with a new baby throws your way. Find the perfect combo for your home then use your 1Thrive to update the baby's schedule, leave a note for your partner and stash your day's mail. Use the oversized whiteboard or chalkboard as your needs evolved. It might start off as a calendar then turn into a place to plan the weekly menu once your baby starts solids. It might become the most important place in your house! 



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