All the Supplies You Need to Make a Tween Period Kit

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Ready or not, their period is coming. Rather than procrastinate ’til the day of, now is the ideal time to have the period convo and stock up on supplies so your kid feels excited (as much as one can be!) and prepared. From bags to the best period underwear on the market, we’ve rounded up all the supplies you need to make the most helpful period pack for your tween and teen.


4-Pack Sanitary Napkin Bags


Whether you're packing pads or panty liners, or just like the compact nature of these bags that come in a pack of four, this collection is a subtly cool option for tweens and teens. Choose from five colorways and patterns, then stow in backpacks, purses or athletic bags so your kid is always prepared.

Funny Yet True Period Bags

$9.50 BUY NOW

Got a tween with a good sense of humor? These bags from Etsy take this time of the month to a bold new level. Choose from black or beige, along with hilarious sayings like "crime scene prevention kit" and "shark week."

Llama Zippered Bag


This simple bag with a water-proof exterior comes in more than 35 patterns and just so happens to be the perfect size for those period products.

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Feminine Hygiene Products

Every kid is different, so chat with your tween about whether they are more comfortable with pads or tampons. Whatever you choose, pack several into your period pack, along with some panty liners to keep them prepared. Thinking about period underwear? Keep scrolling to see some of our picks.

Period Underwear

KT by Knix


Knix now offers undies for the younger set, KT By Knix. These raved-about period underpants come in bikini, boy short, boxer brief and sleepover short styles. Choose from medium, high and super absorbency levels in tons of colors.

Modi Bodi


With options that protect for up to 24 hours, Modi Bodi's Red collection is worth looking into. Cute patterns abound in styles like hipster boyshorts and bikinis, with further leak protection ranging from light to maxi. You can shop styles individually or save on a bundle to last their whole cycle.

Thinx (BTWN)


THINX (BTWN) is the well-known brand's tween and teen line, which offers sizes for smaller figures with narrower thighs (we recognize this may not work for all body types but is worth exploring if it's a possible fit). Made with organic cotton, these undies can supposedly absorb five tampons' worth and come in bikini, brief, shorty and sleep shorts options.

Ruby Love


One of the OG purveyors of period underwear, Ruby Love's lineup of undies is hard to beat. Shop hipster and seamless options that come in fun prints and offer protection for up to 2.5 tampons' worth. On heavier days, your tween can also add Ruby Love's reusable, double-sided pad for even more protection.



Available on Amazon and arguably the most cost-effective option on our list, Bambody has more than 14,000 reviews with an average 4.5-star rating. We love that sizes start at XX-small to fit petite tweens and teens, in addition to a nice color assortment, varying levels of absorbency and four different styles.

Period Tracker Apps

Knowledge is power (yes, even—and especially—when it comes to periods), and there are plenty of discreet apps to help teens get a better handle on planning. We tend to love:

  • Clue: Kids can track moods, cycle duration and receive predictions on this free app. Available for both Apple and Android phones
  • Magic Girl Period Tracker: Designed with tweens and teens in mind, this app offers tips, videos, chat features and a customizable calendar. Available for both Apple and Android phones
  • Easy Period- Lite Tracker: Simple and easy to use, this app is to the point without extraneous features. Available for Apple phones.

Cramp Care

Rael Natural Herbal Heating Patches


No one wants to deal with cramps, especially at school. These heating patches by Rael are discreet and made with three herbal ingredients. Simply stick to your belly, and let the patch act for up to eight hours.

Hyland’s Young Adult Moon Menstrual Cramp, Irritability and Back Pain Relief


Most schools do not allow students to carry their own medication, so Hyland's homeopathic product is a good alternative. It's made with natural ingredients and is free from hormones, caffeine and harsh anti-inflammatories.

––Karly Wood



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