Picky Allergies

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Ok everyone, so my 4 year old, loves eating, like all day! She’s healthy and nowhere near being overweight, her metabolism seems to just burn through calories way fast. Any who, I love to try and have snacks prepared for her so she can just grab them from the fridge or the cabinet. I have this issue I like many other parents, is how picky she is. She will refuse to try new foods when I try and introduce her, and she is allergic to eggs and shrimp. For breakfast I have a hard time coming up with foods sometimes, I try and have yogurt and cereal of course and maybe some fruit. However sometimes I catch her staring at our eggs when me and daddy are eating. And I know she wants to try them but since I’ve told her they make her sick, she wont try them. I don’t know what to do, I feel horrible for her wanting to eat something and me not being able to let her have it. I would like to know if there is some alternative to eggs that I can give her without having her break out in hives. I’m also worried because sometimes when I make dinner she wont even try it. She does this thing where she smells her food before attempting to taste. If it doesn’t smell appetizing then it’s a no-go. One thing that does throw me for a loop is, that she will try raw veggies and eat them but not when cooked. Like, what?! For instance, she loves eating carrots, but not when in cooked form; she eats broccoli raw, even cabbage! RAW! I dunno, I guess as long as it’s veggies it’s all good right? What does make me very happy about her eating habits is that she does prefer fruits and veggies to junk foods. So that’s always a win in my book. For the moment being, I try and have her watch me eat a new food and sometimes she’ll try it, but I need to find a better way of getting her to try more foods. So let me know how do you deal with your picky eater? Or with food allergies? Is there a special way you do it?