A New Trailer for Pixar’s “Onward” Just Dropped & It’s the Most Magical Adventure Yet

The newest addition to the Pixar family offers a unique spin on the classic fairytale universe. Thanks to the new Onward trailer we finally get a look at just how different that universe is.

Pixar previously teased the new fantasy-adventure starring Tom Holland as Ian Lightfoot and Chris Pratt as his older brother, showing two elf brothers on a quest. The latest trailer gives audiences a look at exactly what that mission entails.

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Despite living in a land of unicorns and pixies, the fantasy world isn’t exactly as magical as it once was. After their mom, played by Julia Louis Dreyfus, bequeaths Ian with a magical gift from their deceased dad, the two brothers embark on the adventure of a lifetime to bring their father back to life for a brief 24 hours.

Of course, by the looks of the trailer, things don’t go as smoothly as they would hope But if Pixar’s long storied history is any proof, it’s sure to be a satisfying, laugh —and tear-filled journey.

Pixar’s Onward lands in theaters Mar. 6, 2020.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: IMDB 



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