While popsicle sticks may conjure up memories of summer nights chasing after the ice cream truck and chlorine-stained hair, your kids, who may or may not know the hottest spots for gelato around town, might not hold the same appreciation for these wooden sticks like you do. Show your kids the glory of the popsicle stick and the amazing creations you can make with the little wooden stems. From popsicle fish to airplanes, we’ve come up with seven cool ideas to turn those recycled sticks into cool crafts.

Airplane Magnets

It's a bird, no it's a plane....with, popsicle sticks? That's right, these cute little magnets will see to it that your little ones' left over popsicle sticks are put to good use. Decorate the wings with stripes and patterns, add stickers or your kiddo's name. These airplanes

Which one do you plan to make?

— Natasha Artavia

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