Summer is just getting started, and unless you’ve planned out a 12 week itinerary for your kiddos, they might start bouncing off the walls very soon. Keeping them entertained during these long summer days is no easy feat, that’s why we’ve rounded up some awesome activities that will give you plenty to do all summer long. So whether you’re looking for a new outdoor adventure, a cool spot to splash about, or a fun way to spend an afternoon, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive list of 50 things to do this summer.

1. Travel across the state line to visit a town that’s reminiscent of Portland and check out the fun kid-centric activities.

2. Head out for a day of hiking, exploring, and wildlife spotting just minutes from downtown.

3. Have a scavenger hunt along this bohemian boulevard that’s teeming with kid-friendly shops.

4. Got a hankering for some food south of the border? Check out some favorite eateries that specialize in ethnic food your kids will love.

5. Let the kids fly! A kite that is…

6. Cool off with a chilled pint for mom and dad and a rootbeer for the kids.

7. Hit up a hip neighborhood that’s bustling with local art.

8. Rainy Summer day? Spend it playing indoors at Café Sip n’ Play9. Practice your poses and channel a little Zen into your life with some yoga classes to center body and mind.

10. Head to the wine country for some kid-friendly winery tours.

11. Find the farmer’s market closest to you, engage the kiddies with fun activities, and pick up fresh ingredients for making dinner

12. Hit the trails this summer and explore some parks that will leave your little nature lovers speechless.

13. No summer is complete without this classic toy. Learn how to make your own and have hours of fun outside.

14. Spend a hot day cooling down in your neighborhood wading pool (or discover one in a new neighborhood!)

15. Need a getaway that you can bring the whole family with you? Ditch the tents and tarps and try a different camping adventure.

16. Break out the rods and reels and take the little ones on their first fishing trip.

17. Take a trip to visit an iconic mountain that’s just a car ride away from the city.

18. Make a sweet treat at home and enjoy it during those particularly warm days.

19. Visit a village within Portland city limits.

20. Grab a bite to go from some mobile eateries popping up all over the city.

21. Pack up the car and head out for a family vacation at a destination that boasts an impressive coastal view.

22. Gear up for some epic backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, and amazing scenery at this premier outdoor destination.

23. Step back in time and across the globe in this Portland hidden gem that your kids will love to explore.

24. Snack on some delicious treats and get a behind the scenes look at how they’re made at this dairy hotspot.

25. Stroll through forests of century-old trees and even explore an old mining camp with your kids.

26. Does your kiddo have an equestrian obsession? Treat them to a special ride on their favorite animals.

27. Booked your camping plans a little late this year? Head to this state park for a day-long adventure of bike riding, picnicking, and an old-fashioned barn.

28. Kiddos got the wiggles? Sign them up for classes that will let them channel all that extra energy.

29. Work on your short game at some of Portland’s top mini golf spots.

30. There’s nothing more satisfying than picking your own juicy fruits to make it feel like summertime.

31. Get in the summer spirit at the fair.

32. Get out of the city when it gets too hot and head out for a beach day.

33. Visit one of Portland’s most eclectic avenues filled with oddities and curiosities for kids of all ages.

34. See your favorite critters up close and personal at this family favorite destination.

35. Slow down from the bustling city lifestyle and get rustic with the fam on the farm.

36. Hit the rinks for a super cool way to beat the heat this summer.

37. Take your transportation loving kid to explore Portland by land, sea, and railway.

38. Avoid the summer swelter with a fun indoor activity that’s fun for the whole family.

39. Sure you’ve gone camping with the family, but have you been breakfast camping?

40. Go shopping at this knick knack shop and pick up supplies for a fun art project or your next costume idea.

41. Sometimes staying indoors is the best way to stay cool in the summer. Why not curl up with a good book?

42. Get a workout in while you have fun at these awesome climbing spots.

43. Experience the great outdoors this summer with a fun and unique way to go camping.

44. Head to “Old Town” for homemade cupcakes and a spot of tea.

45. Follow in the steps of a famous author on this outdoor walk through Portland.

46. Get those little green thumbs dirty this summer with some gardening.

47. Catch your favorite summer blockbuster without having to step foot outside the car.

48. Go hiking and take in some of the most beautiful scenery in the state of Oregon.

49. Have a face to face encounter with hawks, falcons, and owls.

50. Bust out the lawn chairs and blankets for some outdoor summer tunes.

What do you have planned this summer? Share with us in the comments section below!

— Katie Kavulla

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