Brave Care: A New Pediatric Urgent Clinic Designed With Families in Mind

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Every parent knows how distressing it is when their child requires immediate medical attention. Brave Care, a new pediatric urgent care, takes the panic out of childhood emergencies at their comforting clinic in northeast Portland. Their pediatric team works exclusively with kids and provides the best health care while making families feel at ease. Read on to learn more about this dream come true in your time of need.

Brave Care Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

It’s inevitable that every kid will experience the mishaps that are par for the course in youth—from middle-of-the-night fevers to broken bones. What’s no longer inevitable for Portland parents: a stress-laden visit to the emergency room. Thankfully, Brave Care has retooled the entire urgent care dynamic by offering friendly, reliable, affordable care in a setting designed to make kids feel at home.

The Doctors Are In… 7 Days a Week, Evenings Too

Accidents happen and illness strikes typically outside of normal doctor’s office hours. The last thing you want to figure out on the fly is where to take your little one for help.

The team at Brave Care is on call to greet walk-ins 7 days a week, 365 days a year at all times of day––whether it’s during your work hours, after-hours (they’re open until 10 p.m. on weeknights) and even on weekends. They know parents have busy schedules and that emergencies and sickness are unpredictable, so they offer flexible hours to better serve your family. Parents can walk-in or schedule appointments online.

A Picture of Health: Services Provided

When your kiddo is sick or injured, you don’t want to drag him or her on multiple trips to different locales for treatment––like having to leave urgent care to drive across town and wait hours to have a broken bone X-rayed! Brave Care is capable of treating a broad array of childhood illnesses and ailments. Some of their services include care for allergies, fevers, eye problems, UTIs, concussions, asthma, fracture care––and procedures including stitches, tissue glue for minor wounds, on-site X-rays, IV medications and fluids, laboratory services, mild nasal sedation for uncomfortable procedures and much more.

Good to know: Brave Care also offers sports physicals for back to school and treats adolescents in addition to little kids.

Payment Options in Plain Sight, No Hidden Costs

You have enough to worry about with regard to your kid’s well-being, so why add to your woes with confusing pricing and unpredictable billing? Brave Care offers expert pediatric medical services that are low-cost and convenient.

The Clinic eliminates the mystery of costs surrounding emergency medicine by offering clear, self-pay pricing (ranging from $150-$250 based on your child’s needs) that includes all necessary services and ensures that there are no surprises or outrageous charges for families who don’t have insurance or have limited insurance options. Brave Care also takes insurance and has a full list of accepted providers on their website.

First Aid

When accidents happen or childhood illness strikes, it’s a relief for Portland parents to know that Brave Care has got their back. Put this clinic on speed dial and when the need arises, schedule an appointment or stop in to see for yourself that being brave in your family’s hour of need has never been easier.

Brave Care Portland
6924 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR 97213


––Beth Shea