Just Opened: Roseway Play Cafe

Playing with a doll house
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Gregory Heights, Montavilla, Cully and Parkrose parents, this one’s for you. With its housemade sangria, slippery toddler slides, blissful air conditioning and close proximity to the library, the Roseway Play Cafe that just opened in June is quickly becoming a neighborhood hub. Read on to see what we found when we took a peek inside this cafe with awesome perks for families.

Roseway Play Cafe 4

photo: Kelley Gardiner

The Lay of the Play Land

You’ll find this welcome new member of the Roseway neighborhood at 72nd and Sandy, and according to the chatter from the parents in the room, it’s already attracting visitors from the neighborhood, as well as from Montavilla, Cully and Parkrose.

As you walk in the door, you’ll see a narrow seating area featuring one long communal table. To your right, there’s bench seating and tables for two. To your left, bar stools that overlook the partition to the play area. Behind you is a small, low comfortable seating area, and a shelf with a few games. Straight ahead is the counter where you can order food and drinks, or just sign your child up for play time. There isn’t a ton of parking for strollers in the entry. Maybe one or two will fit comfortably. During busy times, a few might be parked out on the street.

A small cubby is near the entrance to the play area is a convenient place to stick your shoes. A separated infant zone has soft flooring and a few toys for sitters and crawlers.

The rest of the play area has a little bit of something for every kid and every mood — a play structure to scramble up and a twisty slide to shoot down, a train table, doll house, riding toys, large soft blocks and lots of loose toys. Under the play structure are little alcoves where toddlers can paddle around and play with a pretend kitchen, do pretend laundry or just curl up with a book.

On a recent morning, a few toddlers were making their way through the play area, while their mothers tended to younger children on the other half of the partition. An afternoon visit on a hot day was quite a bit busier, with older kids playing a little more rambunctiously, with crashing noises and loud whoops. Afternoons will undoubtedly stay busy over the summer, with the air conditioning humming along to keep play time comfortable and cool.


photo: Kelley Gardiner

The Price of Admission

A visit to the play area costs $3 per child, but that charge will let them stay all day. That’s good news for people who live in the neighborhood, or who want to make a quick stop before and after a visit to the Gregory Heights Library just a few blocks away. Socks are required for the little ones (and really, for parents too, if you’re going to be in the play area. You can buy some onsite for $3 a pair if you forgot them.

Playing with a doll house

photo: Kelley Gardiner

Chow Down

Coffee, beer, wine and homemade sangria are available to wet mom and dad’s whistle. Locally pre-made sandwiches are available, as well as applesauce, juices and bottled water. There aren’t any kid-friendly water cups, so bring your own for the baby/toddler/preschool/clumsy members of your family. Pastries are from Bakeshop, a lovely bakery just down the road on Sandy Blvd., and coffee is from Cafe Umbria. Ask for the Wi-Fi password, and you’re set to work, catch up on email or add cool stuff to your Pinterest board while the munchkins play.

Breakfast sandwich

photo: Kelley Gardiner

What’s Coming Down the Pike

Keep an eye out for the preschool classes and other activities and events that may pop up as the finishing touches are finished in the cafe’s event space.

7135 & 7137 NE Fremont St. (NE 72nd and Sandy)
Online: rosewayplaycafe.com

Have you visited the Roseway Play Cafe yet? Let us know in the comments!

—Kelley Gardiner