It’s been a long day and a slice of pie for dinner sounds delightful. You consider the local options that accommodate your family’s plant-based diet and feel disappointment descend. Then you remember a friend mentioning a new alternative pizza joint opening on SE Division this past summer and you feel a spark of hope. There’s a reason for vegetarian and vegan families to feel excited about the recently-opened Virtuous Pie. This family restaurant is serving up dinner options that will make you want to eat out (or delivery) every night. Read on to find out what’s on the menu tonight.

 photo: Mattheiu C. via Yelp

A Virtuous Vision

Virtuous Pie is a Vancouver, BC-based restaurant founded in 2015 with mission of promoting the plant-based diet by creating food options that are affordable, fast and delicious. The goal is to promote positive change with food that is both good for the body as well as the planet.

The dining experience focuses on pizza and ice cream, but you can also enjoy salads and a variety of sips. They even have weekend brunch menu that includes breakfast tacos, sandwiches, bowls and calzones. Delizioso!

The Atmosphere

Virtuous Pie goes out of its way to provide an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome. The staff is exceptionally friendly and there is a family-style eating area in the middle of the diner, and bar and window seating as well. The building is spacious with high ceilings that help hide the noise littles with big voices often have. As we mentioned above, if your kids’ appetites won’t allow them to sit and wait, you can always call in for delivery and enjoy your favorite pie in the comfort of your own home.

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The vast majority of the food served at Virtuous Pie is hand crafted and made in-house. The wide variety of pizza options offered is almost as shocking as how incredibly good they are. The Meatball + Chevre Pizza($14) tastes a whole lot like a traditional pie. The kids are sure to love it and you are bound to wonder if the cheese isn’t actually cheese made from dairy. The answer is, “no”! The cheese is nut-based and made in-house as is their three-day dough, which makes incredible crust—not too thick and not too thin.

Some additional slices you should consider giving a try are the tasty Margherita ($10) with it’s San Marzano tomato sauce, cashew mozzarella and fresh basil. This pizza is flavorful but mild-enough that young palates can enjoy it. Stranger Wings ($14), on the other hand, is flavorful, spicy and reminiscent of chicken buffalo wings with all of the buffalo in a crispy fried cauliflower topping—just what the parents needed.

Good news for the gluten intolerant, Virtuous has kept you in mind. You can order your pizzas with Gluten-free crust. Now that’s something to celebrate.

photo: by Annette Benedetti


It’s hard to believe you can get full-flavored, creamy ice cream with out even a dash of milk in it, but Virtuous delivers in the frozen dessert department. Choose from a list of options that includes Pumpkin Pie + Pecan, Hawaiian Vanilla, Mint+ Dark Chocolate, Lavender + Lemon, Double Chocolate + Salted Caramel, and our favorite: Turmeric + Black Pepper. That’s right! Turmeric + Black pepper makes for a beautiful yellow scoop that is surprisingly sweet and sure to bring smiles.

If they all sound too good to pick just one, order up a flight ($8) and pick three scoops to enjoy. You may even want to splurge and take pint ($11) home. Another treat on deck is their Ice Cream Sandwich ($8). You’ll love the modern twist on this classic favorite.


Round out your meal with some local sips. Virtuous has Kombucha on tap ($4/Glass), Heart cold brew ($4), craft soda by Fentimans ($4), and coconut water ($3). On the boozy side they offer wine, beer and cider on tap as well as cans of beer.

Insider Tip: This is a big one…you don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy this restaurant! Their pies will please foodies with all dietary leanings. Go ahead meat-eaters, give it a try. You’ll thank us.

Virtuous Pie
1126 SE Division St.,

Have you been to Virtuous Pie? What’s your favorite slice? Share it with us in the comments below.


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