What’s In the Bag: 9 Things Portland Moms Carry at All Times

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A Portland mom has to be prepared for spontaneous adventure at any moment, rain or shine. We’ve come up with 9 things you’re bound to find in just about every Portland parent’s diaper bag, purse, stroller or car. How many of these ring true for you?Moms in Powells with carriers

photo: Marianne Walters

1. A woven wrap, ring sling, or SSC (soft-structured carrier)
Portland parents love to wear the babies. We wouldn’t be caught without our SSC that allows us to be hands-free.

2. Reusable shopping bags for the next trip to Powell’s
Paper or plastic? It’s a non-issue for Portland parents. We carry our own bags and chances are, a few of them say Powell’s right on the front.

3. Shower caps for wet bicycle seats
It’s not a problem to get caught in a rainstorm with this handy tool tucked away. A shower cap for each bicycle seat means that your tots’ tushes will stay dry for the ride home.

4. Sunscreen for (surprise!) a sunny day
Yes, we get the occasional burst of sunshine, and our kids don’t get a lot of that natural Vitamin D so we like to get outside as soon as the clouds break. Whether it’s cloudy or sunny, we all still need sunscreen.

Waffle Window

photo: Dave H. via Yelp

5. Extra supplies for meals at the food carts
Napkins and plastic forks are necessary when it’s lunch time and the kids decide they just won’t make it home without stopping at, say, the Grilled Cheese Grill or The Waffle Window.

6. Punch cards for indoor play
Yes, we know we live in a rainy climate, and luckily, so do our local business owners. Portland’s fantastic selection of indoor playgrounds means that parents have options when the weather demands that we all stay in.

7. Towels for muddy adventures
Portland has some of the best places to park the car or bike and head out into nature. Keeping towels in the car or bike carrier after a trip to Sauvie Island for farm fun or wildlife viewing is a great way to keep the muddy aftermath to a minimum.

Riding Trimet Max

photo: Marianne Walters

8. Extra TriMet tickets
Public transit is the way to go when you’re exploring the city. Whether hopping onto MAX and heading to OMSI, grabbing a street car from Pioneer Square to Jamison Square or riding the bus all the way home, Portland kids are well-versed in riding etiquette.

9. Hand wipes for the late-afternoon trip 
Whether your kids prefer Blue Star Donuts, Voodoo Donuts or any of the sensational options we have here in town, there’s nothing quite like a treat at the end of a day out. Smart parents get the sticky fingers taken care of before climbing back into the van. Wipes for all!

10. Supportland card
One rewards card that gives you a little virtual pat on the back for shopping locally. Check supportland.com to see who’s an indy biz hooked up with the program, then start shopping to earn merits good for things from cookies to cocktails, bike lights to eye exams.

What else can’t you leave home without? Let us know in the comments below!

–Marianne Walters

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