Our expert Portland writing team is always hard at work, out in the field, scouting for the latest, greatest things to keep you busy, entertained and informed. Click through our album to find out what our amazing group of talented writers is most looking forward to with their own families for Halloween this year.

Anna Doogan

October is our family’s favorite time of the year! The Portland area has so many incredible events for getting into the Halloween spirit. We love making the trip to Sauvie Island for pumpkin picking and the unpredictable corn mazes. We always make sure to fit in at least one visit to the Halloween Trail at Wenzel Farm in Oregon City, and we enjoy the annual Enchanted Trail at the Micha-el School.

We always carve pumpkins while we watch the movie Halloweentown. It was filmed in St. Helens, so it’s fun for the kids to recognize the different locations. We make the same chili every Halloween before we go out trick-or-treating. It’s the same chili recipe that my mom has been making every Halloween night for 25 years!

What Halloween activities are on your must-do list? Let us know in the comments below!

—Suzie Ridgway

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